TechnoMarine Watches: A New Take On the Luxury Watch

TechnoMarine Watches: A New Take On the Luxury Watch

technomarine-watchesTechnoMarine is a young watch brand, having only been created in 1997. Their first watch, a very popular one, was the Raft, reportedly selling over 50 000 pieces in the first year. The Raft offered a bold new style: a chronograph watch with a plastic strap.

Ever since the daring Raft chronograph, TechnoMarine watches have been pushing hard at the boundaries of what was once established style. The watch industry has repeatedly attempted to dismiss the brand as “insane”, and even “sacrilegious”. But the immense popularity of TechnoMarine timepieces ensured a fascinating development on what was once a clearly defined set of criteria for the luxury watch.

What was so shocking for the luxury watch world was the way in which TechnoMarine broke with tradition and brought together seemingly incompatible materials, such as plastic and diamonds. It was this combination that was often described as Cartier meets the Swatch.

Over a decade later TechnoMarine are still going strong, and continue to produce eye-catching new models, for both men and women. Part of the reason for this popularity must surely be that the company has continued to produce revolutionary designs in a somewhat conservative industry.

There are various new models of Technomarine watches now in stock at Jura Watches, Mayfair, London. Just one of these is the ladies UF6 Chronograph Diamond Bezel, pictured here to the left.