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Giuliano Mazzuoli – The Greatest Gift

Giuliano Mazzuoli Watches Luxury Watches July 10, 2010 0 Comments

Giuliano Mazzuoli’s recent partnership with Paul Newman is certainly a worthy one. Watch manufacturers team up with charities quite frequently. It’s a way to contribute to a worthy cause while simultaneously improving the image of the brand and the company. But Mazzuoli’s work seems of an even more resolute and magnanimous origin. Giuliano Mazzuoli was recently honored with the 2009 “Watch…

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Giuliano Mazzuoli Creates the Paul Newman Contagiri

Giuliano Mazzuoli Watches Luxury Watches March 10, 2010 1 Comments

In 2009 the strikingly different and innovative Contagiri from Giuliano Mazzuoli won the Dutch Horloges magazine’s ‘Watch of the Year Award’, in one of the men’s watches category. What makes Giuliano Mazzuoli watches so unique is that their design is based on a pressure gauge found on cars and machines. To say that Giuliano Mazzuoli likes auto racing and racing…

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Watch Collectors Gather in Florence

Giuliano Mazzuoli Watches Luxury Watches October 27, 2009 0 Comments

At the end of September watch collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in Florence. They were there to pay a special tribute to Italian watch-making. The venue was the luxury Four Seasons hotel, and the host was the maverick watchmaker Giuliano Mazzuoli. Guests to this exclusive event were treated to a special Sunday morning cocktail in the…

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