Giuliano Mazzuoli – The Greatest Gift

Giuliano Mazzuoli – The Greatest Gift

Giuliano Mazzuoli WatchesGiuliano Mazzuoli’s recent partnership with Paul Newman is certainly a worthy one. Watch manufacturers team up with charities quite frequently. It’s a way to contribute to a worthy cause while simultaneously improving the image of the brand and the company. But Mazzuoli’s work seems of an even more resolute and magnanimous origin.

Giuliano Mazzuoli was recently honored with the 2009 “Watch of the Year” award for the Contagiri–a piece based upon the pressure gauges found in race cars. His love of racing inspired the piece, and he looked to share it with a fellow enthusiast. That man would turn out to be the famous Paul Newman. Mazzuoli went on to donate not just one Contagiri, but twenty-five of them to Mr. Newman’s very own charity, Hole in the Wall.

Especially enjoyable in this instance is the common passion the two men share for racing. Somehow they manage to find a way to overlap race cars, fine watches, and sick children. Hole in the Wall allows terminally ill children a chance to enjoy the same kinds of summer camps which most healthy kids experience.

Additionally, Mazzuoli’s contribution seems to go far beyond what sometimes could be perceived of as mere superficiality. As stated, many fine watch manufacturers donate commemorative pieces, or have charities of choice. Donating not only feels good, but helps the company as well. With Mazzuoli however, the gift feels even more real. These were his masterpieces, and he gifted Newman with twenty-four more of them than were requested. His actions will add another dimension to the already famous Contagiri. It won’t just be the greatest watch produced in the world during 2009, but will also carry with it the humanitarian aspect. It wasn’t just a watch made to be beautiful, but also designed to accomplish humane, important goals.

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