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Glycine Airman Airfighter Skeleton Watch Review

Glycine Watches Watch News Watch Reviews October 29, 2017 0 Comments
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Whenever someone asks us to recommend our favourite pilot watches, Glycine is always brand that finds its way near the top of the list. Their brand new Glycine Airman Airfighter Skeleton watch has only further solidified our love for them with its exceptional skeletonised dial, Swiss automatic movement and chronograph mechanism. Glycine have been manufacturing pilots watches since the beginning…

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Introducing the new Glycine Airman Double Twelve!

Glycine Watches Watch News August 28, 2015 0 Comments
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Glycine’s long line of established aviation-inspired pilots watches have become synonymous with the aircraft industry. The Airman collection in particular not only delivers functionality to those at the cockpit but also the global traveller and professional businessman. Glycine began producing models from the Airman range in 1953 with a watch that became legendary for introducing multiple timezones. The brand have…

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Glycine Airman DC-4: New BASEL RELEASE

Glycine Watches Watch News March 19, 2015 0 Comments
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The new DC-4 collection is a continuation of Glycine’s appreciation towards work within the military aircraft trade, namely the dedication of engineer, Donald Wills Douglas. Whilst remaining true to the traditional appearance of the revolving bezel and hands that take us back to the very original “Dauphine” manner of the 1953/54 models, suggestions of  industrious order and military hints are also very…

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Glycine – Hans Brechbühler

Glycine Watches Luxury Watches September 10, 2010 0 Comments

The Glycine Airman is one of those models which many watch enthusiasts are aware of. Introduced in 1953, the line is still in production today in a number of different models. At Baselworld 2010, the redesigned Airman line received accolades from many quarters. But were you aware that those beautiful Airman pieces almost never existed? I’m not talking about 1953;…

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