Bell & Ross Design Performance

Bell & Ross Design Performance

Bell & Ross watchesBell & Ross are uniquely designed to cope in extreme circumstances. Watch designers and aircraft control specialists collaborated to create watches suitable for astronauts, pilots, divers, elite police and bomb-disposal experts. Professions such as these undergo dangerous pressures, extreme temperatures and violent accelerations yet require a robust watch that will withstand each situation. Therefore, Bell & Ross analyse each circumstance by studying those who opt to embrace the career as the watch requires to be reliable, trustworthy and functioning consistently.

Bell & Ross employs experts in the field to meet expectations and standards. Designers, engineers, existing professional users and expert watchmakers work together to create a watch where the essential is never compromised by the unnecessary. The innovative brands inspiration derives from military history and values focusing particularly on aviation and aeronautical instruments. Looking back throughout history, focusing on devices used in the first and second world war is influential and productive. The concept of performance excellence is high on Bell & Ross’ agenda whilst in the design process.

The four fundamental principles are readability, performance, precision and water-resistance to enable the watch to be of use in pressured situations. Every detail has an intent purpose and function to ensure the timepiece can endure extreme circumstances without effecting the performance at a crucial point. The precision and exact nature of the design is showcased through exquisite, pure lines and an elegant character. The large dial is highly visible through prominent markings or numbers in a bold white against the black background.

Bell & Ross watches

Bell & Ross are produced in facilities at La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland where developments and adjustments are performed. Precise measurements, vigorous inspections, accurate testing and extreme attention to details requires talent and expertise in various fields to ensure the complex mechanics are refined and operate correctly.

The technical demand of the watch’s engine is particularly challenging within a restricted space. Despite the hurdles that arise the watch is required to remain accurate and reliable within the movement. The masterpiece is constructed of hundreds of parts and provides a few days of power reserve via wrist movement. The sophistication within the three Bell & Ross designs allows for the timepiece to take part in the conquest of the sky, land and sea.

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