Giuliano Mazzuoli Creates the Paul Newman Contagiri

Giuliano Mazzuoli Creates the Paul Newman Contagiri

Giuliano Mazzuoli created 25 Paul Newman watches to be auctioned for Newman's Foundation: Hole in the Wall CampsIn 2009 the strikingly different and innovative Contagiri from Giuliano Mazzuoli won the Dutch Horloges magazine’s ‘Watch of the Year Award’, in one of the men’s watches category. What makes Giuliano Mazzuoli watches so unique is that their design is based on a pressure gauge found on cars and machines. To say that Giuliano Mazzuoli likes auto racing and racing cars is perhaps an understatement. But it is this passion that has been used to help others.

Mazzuoli describes the moment he received the first prototype of the Contagiri: “When I received the first prototype of ‘Contagiri’ I felt a strong desire to show it to someone that I have always admired and that like me, really loves auto racing.”

That person he was referring to is Paul Newman, another man renowned for his passion for cars and racing. Mazzuoli got to meet Newman, and to give Newman his dream watch. Paul Newman wanted to auction the watch for his foundation: Hole in the Wall Camps. Giuliano Mazzuoli went a step further and provided 25 watches for auction.

Hole in the Wall Camps provides children with serious illnesses a medically safe but at the same time a magical environment of fun and adventure away from the realities of hospital beds and doctors’ offices they are often so used to. These camps are the work of Paul Newman, and they are also made possible by thousands of volunteers and generous donors. So far, over 114 000 children from 33 countries have attended 11 of these camps, free of charge.

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