PASIC’s Peaks Challenge chooses Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire S to help raise £2600!

PASIC’s Peaks Challenge chooses Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire S to help raise £2600!

Loyal watch collector and charity fundraiser, James Twigg has exceeded his own expectations to endure some of the most trying of challenges in his recent trek, The Peaks Challenge with his new purchase – the Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Sapphire S.

The test of stamina, strength and dedication takes participants through a 27 mile trek across the Peak Distwigg1trict whilst collecting funds for the friendly Nottingham charity, PASIC. The Parents Association for Seriously Ill Children provides emotional, financial and social support to young individuals who have fallen ill to cancer. The charity not only focuses on the practical and medical needs of the child, but considers the trauma and emotional upheaval that an illness on a small child can have on surrounding family members and committed carers. PASIC who rely on donations from their surrounding communities and fundraising events from companies such as TIS (Total Integrated Solutions), Twigg’s place of work, encourage corporate companies to take part in challenges to raise awareness and money for the positive work they do. A hands-on approach by the charity allows their members to influence the direction of the organisation whilst remaining actively involved by helping to develop programs and strategies for fundraising participants to achieve their set objectives, making it a positive experience for both receiver and giver. PASIC needs volunteers from all walks of life whether that be a person’s self motivation to reach a personal best and push their physical boundaries, or a school event as an educational exercise to help encourage children to learn to work together, raise awareness for important causes and engage in positive community experiences.  Sustained fundraising from events such as The Peaks Challenge contributes to many aspects of a cancer patient’s care, from day trips out at theme parks and Christmas gifts to the more vital costs to fund hospital trips for treatment.

James Twigg, a loyal customer of Jura Watches completed the trek wearing the Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire S model. The specialist independent watch retailer which consists of 8 watch boutiques across the Midlands and North Yorkshire region has been involved in a number of charity fundraisers throughout its successful lifespan and continues otwigg 4n the lookout for further opportunities to get involved with important causes. Having recently donated another Suunto watch, the Core All Black to TIS for their forthcoming raffle draw, the model joins a long list of desirable prizes up for grabs including a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, an iPad and Manchester United FC Tour Tickets. The draw is set to take place in Mansfield on Friday 16th October 2015 and cost just £2.50 each. Information on how to purchase a ticket can be found here

Twigg has taken part in the same 27 mile trek for Cystic Fibrosis two years ago, his company appoint a charity each year as part of their new CSR strategy to give more back to their local community by raising money via sponsors for entering various different events. The staff at the UK’S leading independent fire, communications and security specialists have a heavy involvement in nominating a different charity and event each time, this particular challenge being chosen by Twigg himself. The Jura Watches purchase was secured to the volunteer’s wrist throughout the whole event, aiding him in some of the most toughest parts of his journey. In the build-up to The Peaks Challenge, Twigg and another 40 volunteers took part in practice runs, beginning with a flat 12 miles to build up stamina followed by the fiercer 20 mile routes which included some of the actual Peaks Challenge track. Twigg relives;twigg 2

“Climbing Mam Tor and Kinder Scout in the first 8 miles of the trek is no mean feat and really does test your fitness and stamina.   In the end we finished 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th and 14th out of over 270 entrants which really does pay tribute to our commitment.”

The Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire S is termed as the “Ultimate GPS watch for sports and adventure”. Blended with a number of unique features to aid the device with the highest legibility and the greatest precision, Suunto are particularly proud of the watch’s ability to fuse unparalleled functionality with a profound sense of style. Having participated in the trek two years before, nevertheless without the Suunto Ambit3, clear comparisons could be made as to how the watch aided Twigg in his challenge;

“I absolutely love the watch.  It has every function I could want for trekking.  I used the current and average speed constantly on the hike.  This helped us to maintain our pace and make sure we hit our targets.  Without this we would be unsure of our actual pace unless we used some other device like a Smartphone app which are just not as convenient and kill your battery.  The altitude meter is very useful and helped give perspective to our current and average pace.  It also gives you a sense of achievement when you see how high you have climbed.  That means a lot when you have to concentrate on just keeping going and maintaining your efforts.”

twigg 5

The Ambit3 Peak Sapphire S also allows the wearer to recall and share their escapades with their friends and online social followers by connecting the device wirelessly to an iPhone or iPad. Twigg explains how the watch’s high-tech gadgets helped motivate him to achieve his ultimate limits;

“The stats you get at the end when you sync the device to the software are just fantastic.  In fact you put more effort in knowing you can analyse your performance in great detail once you are finished.  You can share this with your team along with the whole world on social media.  This proves you actually did what they sponsored you for and more importantly can show just how hard you worked to do it.”

Suunto essentially strike the best balance between technology and style. The Ambit3 Peak Sapphire S which offers outdoor and multisport features such as a compass and route navigation together with temperature, heart rate, speed, pace and distance readings – also showcases a slick contemporary aesthetic and robust outer construction which delivers a water resistance of 100 meters. Twigg describes how wearing his new companion enriched his experience and will continue to be used in his future fundraising adventures;

“I love watches anyway and have a growing collection so I really do appreciate the design of this watch.  It is a great size (I like big faced watches) and is very clear to see even when it’s raining heavily.  It looks very smart in the chrome and the rubber strap compliments the look very well.”TWIGG 6

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