New Corum Watches for Mr and Mrs

New Corum Watches for Mr and Mrs

Thirty years ago saw the launch of the most iconic of all the Corum watches – the Golden Bridge. Back then Corum was intent on positioning itself at the forefront of the Swiss Watch Industry. To these ends the ultimate in transparent timepieces was produced. This watch also featured the rarely used ‘baguette’ movement.

To celebrate the success of this legendary model Corum have produced limited editions of the Miss Gold Bridge and the Golden Bridge for men, in which transparency has been taken to new limits. Traditionally a watch’s dial is arranged to the front of the movement, the 2010 Golden Bridge model has a dial behind the movement. The visual impact is a case in which the dial forms the background to a prominent baguette movement.

Until now women only had the men’s Golden Bridge or high jewellery models to choose from. The new Miss Golden Bridge has been given a more slender and curved tonneau shape. The slender shape is accentuated by the placement of the winding crown at 6 o’clock.

This new interpretation of the women’s Golden Bridge is available in 18 carat white or red gold, in non-set and set models with 90 full-cut size diamonds. Only 333 pieces a year will be produced. The 2010 Golden Bridge for men, is available in 6 different models and also in limited quantities. The movement bridges are 18 carat yellow gold, red gold or white gold.

Corum watches for men and women are available at Jura Watches, London.

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