Fortis Watches in Space

Fortis Watches in Space

fortis-watchesSwiss watch makers Fortis, founded in 1912, have consistently led the horological field of innovation. In 1926 they produced the World’s first self-winding wristwatch, the legendary Harwood.

Since 1992 Fortis have been testing their watches to the limits. The Fortis Chronograph survived extreme temperatures and demanding conditions and continued to function in zero gravity on numerous missions to the Russian Space Station Mir. Because of its reliability the Russian crew to what is now known as the International Space Station, receive a Fortis Cosmonauts Chronograph as part of their official equipment.

And now Fortis watches are preparing to face another frontier: Mars.

On the occasion earlier this year of the first simulated space flight to Mars, Fortis have produced a limited edition of 2012 pieces: the B-42 Official Cosmonaut Day/Date Titanium Limited Edition “Mars 500”. This is the official timepiece of the ‘MARS 500’ team currently in training for a 520 day mission to Mars.

The Mars 500 limited edition has an automatic movement with 25 jewels. The case is made of titanium in three separate parts.

To celebrate this much anticipated mission, the watch carries the Mars 500 Mission logo engraved on the side of the case, and the Fortis crown logo is also placed on the rubber coated crown. Also, the individually numbered case back is embossed with the emblems of the Russian Space Authorities and the the Cosmonauts Training Center at Star City.

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