Perrelet Watches and the Perfect Match

Perrelet Watches and the Perfect Match

perrelet-watchesA number of leading watch brands team up with prominent sports men and women, who then act as that brand’s ambassador. We have already written about some of these here. Now, Perrelet watches have scored a noteworthy duo in Bob and Mike Bryan as their official ambassadors.

Bob and Mike Bryan are US-born twin brothers and will be well known to anyone who follows doubles tennis, in which they have been dominating for a few years. In fact they are ranked number 1 on the ATP lists, and have been so for three years.

In 2008 the Bryan brothers won the tennis doubles bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing. As masters in tennis doubles, they are ideally suited to wear one of Perrelet’s iconic watches.

As tennis players, the twin brothers are two synchronised parts of a winning team, and in this way they mirror the watch they have chosen to represent: Perrelet’s Double Rotor.

The Double Rotor is unique in that it has two rotors, one on the dial side and the other on the side of the movement: this is the much-respected Perrelet calibre P-181. The perfect synchronisation of the two rotors, lower and upper, provides the movement with a more efficient winding system than that of classical movements. And this particular feature allows for a more efficient supply of energy.

Mike and Bob Bryan are shown here wearing their chosen Double Rotor model in titanium.

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