Sinn Watches Travel The World

Sinn Watches Travel The World

Sinn watches are currently taking part in a special tour of the world for the international ‘Handmade in Germany’ exhibition tour. Masterpieces from 100 German manufacturers, craftspeople and designers will be presented across 15 international locations over the next few years.

The tour celebrates the best of contemporary, high-quality products made in Germany, making mechanical Sinn watches the perfect choice for inclusion by the exhibition curators. The exhibition brings attention to the time and skill needed for these exquisite products and showcases their value in an age of mass production.

Based in Frankfurt am Main, Sinn regularly takes its inspiration from Germany. Sinn watches are based on the concepts of functionality, technological features and design, meeting the demands of professional usage even under the most extreme conditions. Sinn has developed a number of technologies to achieve this high level of required performance, including TEGIMENT (increased scratch resistance), Ar-Dehumidifying Technology (freedom from fogging), DIAPAL (a lubricant-free anchor escapement), HYDRO (reflection-free under water), magnetic field protection, temperature resistance and captive safety bezel.

The Handmade in Germany exhibition will travel from Berlin to St Petersburg, before moving on to Asia, America, the Middle East and back to Europe. A selection of Nomos Glashütte watches are also featured in the tour.

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