Hands-on with the Sinn T50 Titanium & T50 Goldbronze Watches

Just before the madness of the Watches & Wonders 2023 event begins, German watchmaker Sinn has launched a new range of lightweight and durable dive watches known as the Sinn T50. The series includes a single, black-dialled T50 Titanium watch as well as a pair of Sinn T50 Goldbronze watches which incorporate their Goldbronze 125 alloy into the design. The Sinn T50 Titanium and T50 GBDR are permanent pieces in the collection while the Sinn T50 Goldbronze watch is a limited edition of 300 pieces.

Sinn have no shortage of durable, water resistant dive watches in their portfolio. The Sinn U1 and Sinn U50 are two of their best-known designs in this category, offering high-strength and lightweight cases with water resistant ratings of up to 500 metres. The “U” in their names references “U-Boot-Stahl, otherwise translated to German Submarine Steel which signifies each case comes engineered from this type of steel. In the same way, the new Sinn T50 watches refer to their own case material with the “T” hinting at their titanium construction. 

The new Sinn T50 watches have a lot in common with their stainless steel counterparts, the Sinn U1 and U50. There’s the same beadblasted finishing on the cases, strong yet compact lugs, a captive bezel with precision scale and a highly luminous dial. There are some notable changes however, not withstanding of the new titanium and Goldbronze materials. The bezel is now scalloped with eight notches around its circumferences and the new oversized sword hands pair with smaller, baton-shaped markers.  It feels like a much more cleaner finish and one we are certainly on board with.

As mentioned in the introduction, there are three versions of the new Sinn T50 watch to choose from; there’s the Sinn T50 Titanium, the Sinn T50 GBDR and the Sinn T50 Goldbronze. They all offer something a little different but also share many of the same features. These include a 41mm diameter and 12.3mm height and the brand’s iconic captive diver’s bezel which is captively attached to the case to prevent it from being accidentally twisted while you explore underwater. There’s also sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective treatment on the front and a screw down titanium case back. Each Sinn T50 watch promises a 500 metre water resistant rating tested according to the technical demands of the DIN 8306 and tested based on European diving equipment standards EN 250 and EN14143, as certified by DNV. All three Sinn T50 watches are also powered by the Sellita SW300-1 automatic movement winding movement which delivers hours, minutes, seconds and date, a power reserve of 42 hours and a frequency of 28,800vph.

The most conventional-looking diver’s watch in the new Sinn T50 watch collection is the Sinn T50 Titanium. Here, the entire 41mm architecture including the case, lugs and bezel are engineered from lightweight titanium. It weighs in at only 53 grams and is joined by either a black silicone strap or a three-row link titanium bracelet. At the centre, the Sinn T50 Titanium watch elects a traditional smooth black dial with luminous markers on the hands and indexes. It is a permanent piece within the collection and retails at £3,360 on the rubber band and £3,320 on the bracelet.

Next up in the Sinn T50 watch collection is a model the German watch brand have named the Sinn T50 GBDR. The design combines a mixture of both titanium and a bronze alloy they call Goldbronze 125. The case middle, lugs, 4 o’clock screw in crown and case back remain lightweight and fixed in colour in titanium while the captive unidirectional rotating bezel is done is Goldbronze. Sinn suggests their alloy is different compared to other bronze alloys used in luxury watchmaking, utilising 87.5% of bronze and 12.5% of gold for increased corrosion resistance. The bezel will still develop a patina but will do it slower than ordinary bronze. The Sinn T50 GBDR watch pairs its bi-coloured case with a smooth black dial and a black rubber strap (£4,115) or solid titanium bracelet (£4,075). This design is another a non-limited edition.

Last but certainly not least, there’s the Sinn T50 Goldbronze watch, the only limited edition in the collection restricted to just 300 pieces. This design stands out from the rest for its entire Goldbronze 125 construction (other than a titanium screw down case back). This means a patina will develop across the case, crown and bezel. The Sinn T50 Goldbronze watch also debuts a unique decorative dial. The dial is created using a machining process that can’t be repeated, making each display different from the next. The dial’s colour is designed to replicate patinated bronze and is joined by bronze-coloured seconds hand. The Sinn T50 Goldbronze watch retails at £4,950 and is completed by an olive grey textile strap.

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