Michael Kors Watches

Michael Kors Watches

Born Michael Anderson, Mr Michael Kors lived in New York the Son of Joan Kors. His mother remarried when Michael Kors was 5 years old to a man called Bill Kors.

Michael Kors WatchesAlways having a very deep love of fashion from a very early age, this was possibly due the fact that Michael Kors mother was heavily into fashion and a fashion model, so Michael Kors was extremely used to the glam a glitz of the fashion industry.

With a fascination for design Michael Kors even designed his mothers’ wedding dress for her second marriage when he was only 5 years old. Michael Kors style and passion grew his collection into the very famous brand that it has become now.

Michael Kors creations and designs have been and are worn by Many celebrities around the world including, Jennifer Lopez , Rachel McAdams , Elissa , Heidi Klum , Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michelle Obama wore his black sleeveless dress in her first term official portrait as First Lady .

Michael Kors Watches
As a development in the fashion line jewellery and watches seemed a very logical progression to add to the fashion accessories collection.

So from the very beginnings Michael Kors watches have now become a world leader in the fashion watches world. The Michael Kors watches collection has grown in a very recognisable watch brand with designs to suit all fashion watch tastes.

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