BRM’s Next Champ

BRM’s Next Champ

Most Americans are familiar with the name Danica Patrick. After all, a female NASCAR driver is something very different and very unique. But perhaps we should all be learning the name Simona De Silvestro.

She’s Swiss, and just 22 years old. Although she hasn’t made the switch to NASCAR, she’s excelled in a number of different events at American tracks. She finished 14th at the Indy 500 in 2010; this stunning performance helped earn her the Chase Indy 500 Rookie of the Year.

This remarkable young lady has truly broken new ground in a nearly all-male sport. Her third place finish in the Atlantic Championship series in 2009 helped pave the way for break-out 2010 season. All these successes haven’t gone unnoticed, and BRM was quick to notice her talent, rewarding her with a sponsorship.

By supporting such a talented young female driver, BRM has really seized upon an excellent opportunity. They should be praised for taking on someone outside what most people feel fits the job description of “race car driver.” If De Silvestro does decide to enter NASCAR, it will change the face of the sport–potentially forever.

Consider every qualifier which makes her different. Not only is she female, but she’s also very young. What’s more, she’s Swiss, not American. At a time when most people are finishing up their college degrees, De Silvestro is racing around a track at two hundred miles per hour, competing in one of the most popular sports in the country. While others are entering the job market, she’s responsible for a very expensive vehicle and the names and reputations of her corporate sponsors.

Everyone, especially BRM Watches, will watch her progress with great interest. For those of you who haven’t yet heard of her, remember where you learned about her first. This girl is going to be a sensation.

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