Victorinox Swiss Army’s Pressure-Proof Collection

Victorinox Swiss Army’s Pressure-Proof Collection

You’ve got to like the way which Victorinox Swiss Army presents and sells itself. The focus is always on style and durability. These two features are the hallmarks of their very successful brand.

So, once you’ve produced a good that’s a household name, how can you possibly move forward from there? Moreover, how do you convince the buyer that quality in one area–knives–translates into quality in a rather unrelated and far more complex device? You make it out of titanium.

Titanium, renowned for its strength and light weight, occupies a special space in the collective social consciousness. Not only does the word indicate robustness, but look at the quality or complexity of the various goods throughout the economy which utilise titanium. Expensive golf clubs are made from the stuff, as are components of the space shuttle. In short, titanium is a substance associated with products that are expensive, high-tech, and strong. Quality is simply assumed.

Small wonder that Victorinox Swiss Army Watches have a specific “Titanium” line. The name resonates exceptionally well with the image that the company has crafted over the years. Now they’ve taken the step of introducing a hard-core diver’s watch. That 500-metre resistance watch will rely on a resilient titanium case to protect the delicate instruments underneath.

It’s a great addition to an already excellent line. Though the other pieces will do very well in the water, Victorinox seems to be making an effort to push the capabilities of its high-end watches. Whether this will mark a foray into the arena with luxury watch manufacturers for market share is unclear. It’s not discernible whether Victorinox is directly challenging other makers of quality diver’s watches. But it is nice to witness their evolution, continually setting the bar higher for themselves in terms of quality, moving into market segments that previously were inaccessible.

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