The Wenger Advantage

The Wenger Advantage

I’ve seen a lot of watches, and a lot of creative applications for them, but for whatever reason, I’d never consciously come across what’s known as a “Yacht Timer.” Maybe it’s because only a few companies seem to manufacture them. In any event, they seem purpose-built, made to execute a single function with maximum precision.

Imagine that you’re about to embark on an incredible race: whether it’s around the world or across the bay really makes no difference. There’s a starting line, and you need to be on it when the gun goes off. This need obviously requires a timekeeping device of some kind, a countdown timer that can be precisely set to the amount of time remaining before the start. Sure, you could use some off-the-shelf digital watch. That would do, but it wouldn’t give you the competitive advantage that could spell the difference between victory and defeat.

As you and your competitors approach the starting line, you glance at your Wenger Aquagraph Tide and realise that several minutes remain before the race will officially begin. You know this because your piece is not only synchronised to the clock, but also because the piece issues alarms every minute. Once inside the final minute, your Aquagraph Tide will warn you at ten second intervals that the tournament is about to begin.

Because of this accuracy, you’re able to reduce the difference between the start of the event and the time it takes you to cross the starting line. What’s more, you’ll avoid false starts and possible disqualification. Sure, you could be cheap and purchase a no-name chronometer,but when you’re racing expensive watercraft for huge prizes, it pays to outfit yourself with the best that equipment manufacturers have to offer. For “Yacht Timers,” that just so happens to be Wenger Watches Aquagraph Tide.

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