Corum and Loick Peyron

Corum and Loick Peyron

Besides building quality products and taking care of your customers, there’s another way to excel and build your brand: bring on a winner. The words of grizzled champions are worth a thousand favourable reviews.

Corum’s currently pursuing this strategy. They recently brought on a certain officer in the French Legion as their newest ambassador: helmsman Loïck Peyron. He’s crossed the Atlantic 43 times and won sailing’s Grand Prix 16 times. He joined the Corum team in early 2010, and the partnership looks ready to deliver innumerable benefits to each side.

Peyron is an icon in sailing, perhaps even a legend, and though his name might not ring a bell with the average citizen, that’s due to the fact that such a sport falls outside the realm of most individuals’ knowledge. Perhaps the same is true for Corum, a distinguished manufacturer of beautiful timepieces. It has put its name to the Admiral’s Cup for fifty years now, continuing to carry within its collection pieces recognising the race.

Peyron is approximately fifty years of age as well, and has reached the perfect point in his career between youthful enthusiasm and hard-won skill. A number of commentators on the sport take note of the sheer number of miles that he’s put behind himself, an attribute that can only be gained through tremendous effort and hard work.

Over the past two years, Peyron became increasingly familiar with Corum Watches and the company’s values. A number of meetings officially cemented the partnership, and the two talents are now one. Interestingly, Peyron is no stranger to the world of design, having helped sketch and develop sailing ships. At Corum, he’ll not only race for them, but participate in a collaborative process to construct a whole new timepiece. If it’s like everything else that Peyron involves himself in, it’s sure to be excellent.

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