Bremont’s Action Hero

Bremont’s Action Hero

Some people are simply larger than life, so gutsy and extraordinary that they make the rest of us look like carbon copies of one another. These people get their own TV shows. They also become brand ambassadors.

Meet British-born Bear Grylls. Grylls served as a paratrooper in the elite British Special Air Service. While in SAS, the young man suffered a debilitating injury: a broken back. Three years later, he wasn’t hobbling around like most people would be. Instead, he climbed Mt. Everest, becoming the youngest person from the United Kingdom ever to do so.

Today, Grylls does indeed host his own outdoor television programme. His status as a Chief Scout in the Boy Scouts makes him an excellent role model as well.

Since Bremont is a British brand specialising in aviation-inspired pieces, it makes sense for them to choose a British ambassador from the Special Air Services. With this shared heritage, their mutual affinity is even stronger. But Grylls brings celebrity status to the brand as well, in a way that few can. His show on the Discovery channel in the United States, Man vs. Wild, is a hit; his name is rapidly becoming a household one. Many tend to view him as the successor to the late, great Steve Irwin.

But Bremont Watches would probably like to remind all of us that the man of snakes and spiders got his start jumping out of planes. The company continues to build its image as one affiliated with British men and British machines that have broken through seemingly insurmountable barriers. The Cape Challenge is an excellent example of the kind of struggle which posed such daunting physical and technological limits to the nation. In Bear Grylls, we see a man who broke his back in three places, and three years later was at the summit of the tallest mountain in the world. These are symbols that the United Kingdom can be proud of.

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