Britain’s Back with Bremont

Britain’s Back with Bremont

The English watch industry seems to have experienced resurgence in the last decade. Perhaps it’s attributable to the cultural renaissance that is commonly marked with the ascension of Tony Blair to the post of Prime Minister. Whatever the reason, British brands seem to be back. Bremont is one of them.

At just three years old, Bremont is working with another British company, this one much more famous and well-regarded: Jaguar. Their brand new design study, the XJ75 Platinum Concept, turned heads at this year’s annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. With this new design came the opportunity to do something different with a timepiece. As a result, Bremont Watches and Jaguar are creating an entirely new clock, crafted especially for the XJ75.

Now, there are several reasons that this may be a good business decision. In truth, Jaguar has struggled in recent years. The whole automobile industry has faced tough times, but Jaguar has had more than its fair share of issues. The brand’s identity was compromised to a degree, and the company changed hands. Throw in two global recessions during the past decade, and the problems are clear.

But how to recover its identity and become profitable again? Jaguar may be reviving its image as a luxury, British manufacturer in order to differentiate itself. What better way to accomplish this than to incorporate innovative, high tech British companies in the design of the car’s components? After all, the Bremont brothers have used their pieces to honour a number of important moments in Britain’s national history. For example, their Supermarine line looks back to the early 20th century and the Schneider Prize, as well as to the incredible Spitfire warplane. There’s a lot of British history in the creations of both Bremont and Jaguar. Hopefully, this is just the first collaborative project of many to come.

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