Panerai’s Personal Gift

Panerai’s Personal Gift

The Sail 4 Cancer campaign that Panerai has just initiated a partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital is a perfect example of a corporation simultaneously improving its own image while doing some very important work for the community. The beautiful thing about this movement is that it occurs as a natural extension of Panerai’s efforts in yachting and racing. The company is well-known for its sponsorship in the circuit. In 2010, they’ll support the sixth edition of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge, an international circuit of regattas.

So, what better way to improve the lives of those affected by cancer than putting them out to sea in a relaxing, soothing way? It provides an escape from the harsh realities that come with the condition. Even better, the program allows individuals of all ages the chance to participate.

Much is made of the restorative, healing power of the sea. But for those dealing with cancer behind concrete hospital walls, that sea is a long way away: almost inaccessible.  But Panerai Watches, as the sponsor of races involving fleets of vessels, can bring the ocean that much closer. As a result, patients, families, and caretakers will be able to put their minds at ease and enjoy sailing during the 2010 season.

At the end of the day, it’s also a great opportunity not just to help treat the effects of cancer, but to help prevent cancer entirely. Perhaps one-third of cancer-related illnesses are the result of unhealthy habits. Smoking, drinking, excessive eating, and a lack of exercise make cancer much more common in the populace than it has to be. Educating people about the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle is a huge step toward eliminating the non-genetic forms of cancer. Putting people out on yachts is a great way to introduce the wonders and benefits of the great outdoors to the public.

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