Jorg Gray and POTUS

Jorg Gray and POTUS

Put your hands down, thank the competition for being good sports, and break out the cigars; we have a winner. Watchmaker Jorg Gray has earned a silent endorsement from the most powerful man in the world: President Barack H. Obama. The Commander-in-Chief was spotted sporting his Jorg Gray Chronograph 6500 at a number of important and historical events.

What does this mean for Jorg Gray? Well, first it meant a Commemorative Edition piece for the general public. Who doesn’t want to be seen wearing the “President’s Watch?” But more importantly, it’s a burst of much appreciated publicity and curiosity. The fact that the watch was a gift from Obama’s Secret Service upon his inauguration makes the story that much more interesting and useful to Jorg Gray.

Ambassadorship is a marketing tool that watch manufacturers regularly employ in order to drive sales. Usually the company looks to harness an individuals whose exploits, values, or reputation closely mirror the company’s image. Having Obama as a satisfied customer instantly attributes some of his personal characteristics to the brand. When you have an individual as well-respected and internationally honoured as Barack Obama (think Nobel Peace Prize), the capacity to capitalise is tremendous. Consider this: did anybody, anybody at all, care about which watch George W. Bush wore. Did he even wear a watch?

Whether you like Obama or not, there’s no denying the influence that he exercises over the citizenry. Though it’s significantly reduced in comparison to January 2009, it’s clear that America’s first African-American president still enjoys celebrity status. As a result, Jorg Gray gets free advertising. Want to see an advertisement for the brand? Just turn on CNN or any other news channel and you’ll see the Chronograph 6500 on Obama’s left wrist. There’s only thing that isn’t explained yet. Secret Service gave him that watch. Does anybody else think that there might be more under that Jorg Gray case than meets the eye?

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