The Raymond Weil Nabucco Cello Tourbillion: A symphony of horological genius.

The Raymond Weil Nabucco Cello Tourbillion: A symphony of horological genius.

Music-loving watchmakers Raymond Weil have pioneered yet another sensation within the Nabucco collection in honour of celebrating a long standing success of its powerfully distinctive mechanical range. The Nabucco Cello Tourbillion, crowned in glory wears a triumphant collection of special novelties and desirable features to excite and tempt the brand’s global enthusiasts following on from Basel 2015. The watch is an impressive mastery of musical expression.

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As a demonstration of Raymond Weil’s watchmaking virtuosity, the talking point of this new exquisite creation is the implementation of the tourbillion, make no mistake about that! But when admiring the plethora of intricacies shaped and sculpted within a luxury timekeeping instrument, one’s inquisitive nature will prompt them to question what a tourbillion actually is.  Put simply – it negates the effect of gravity.  A concept which was cracked in or around the year of 1795 which then went on to be patented by Abraham-Louis Breguet, a French-Swiss watchmaker in the year of 1801. The tourbillion represents a special landmark in the history of pocket watch manufacturing where the escapement and balance wheel were mounted to counteract variations effecting the regulation of the watch’s performance such as the terminal curve and pinning point. In turn this discovery not only improved accuracy but marked the extensive level involved in the science and expertise of watchmaking undergone over 200 years ago to produce one of the most challenging of watch mechanisms produced to date that neatly eradicates both internal and external disturbances. Cellist and grandson of the brand’s founder, Elie Bernheim took inspiration from his favourite musical instrument and fused this with his family’s lifelong passion of the music industry to produce a breathtaking timepiece which encapsulates cutting-edge creativity on a profound level of mechanical expertise:

“The nabucco Cell Tourbillion reflects many of our brand’s core values, notably by being entirely inspired by music and by featuring a number of haute horlogerie finishes. The result is a timepiece that is unique.”

The creation evokes themes of clean cut lines and unmistakable precision aesthetically, yet on the inside the intertwining of many delicate watch components are cleverly working melodiously to perform excellence on a whole new level. The new timepiece is the brand’s first tourbillion-based wristwatch and this milestone is felt and appreciated with the ticking of every second it lands on the wrist. Similar to musical instruments themselves – the Nabucco Cell Tourbillion comprises of a niche breed of beautiful tools which sparks an excitement through its interesting story, if not only from its visual appeal. The 64mm wide sapphire crystal glassback embodies a number of meaningful elements to the watch’s design such as the slender hands that take the form of a cello bow and the decorative five-lined musical stave tastefully applied to the grooved bezel.  The mainspring barrel and tourbillion escapement also replicate the iconic f-holes of the cello instrument, encased inside the gentle contours of a lightweight steel and titanium bodywork fininabucco covershed in carbon fibre features and PVD coated sides . To finish the piece and perhaps the most breathtaking of the design, Raymond Weil chose to apply decoration to the dial in the form of four tiny strings attached to the f-hole shaped bridges which grace the entire width of the skeletonised dial, mirroring the image of a miniature cello instrument. The remarkable level of imagination involved in the completion of the design, echoes a beautiful elegance and an admirable professional consistency which is to be applauded by anyone with a natural affinity to music. The manually-wound calibre RW1842 is exclusive to Raymond Weil, the movement offering hours, minutes and one minute tourbillion along with an impressive 105 hours of power reserve. The timepiece embodies a vibrant expression of purity, intervened by a striking contrast against the fragility of its musical accents creating a paragon of interesting variances. The genuine crocodile leather strap in black sits flush with the wrist, offering a sophisticated yet casual appeal.

More information on the Raymond Weil Nabucco Cello Tourbillion watch can be found here.

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