Raymond Weil’s Beneficence

Raymond Weil’s Beneficence

One way or another, cancer affects nearly every individual. If you’re lucky enough to never experience the disease, it’s likely that someone whom you know–whether it be a friend or relative–will. From this perspective, curing cancer is in the interest of every single person.

Perhaps that conclusion can be extrapolated to every single corporation as well, if curing cancer truly is as much a social responsibility as anything else. Happily, they’re doing their part in the fight. Every entity has something unique to contribute. Though a watch company might not be able to donate cutting edge medical equipment, it can help to raise awareness and funds. There’s literally a comparative advantage for everyone.

Raymond Weil’s teamed up with the International Union Against Cancer and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. These internationally-recognised organisations will make sure that Raymond Weil’s resources are allocated to do the most good. So what is the company doing, exactly? Well, something that luxury watch manufacturers are exceptionally good at: designing exclusive, limited edition pieces to get the message out and generate funds for the cause.

The RW Club Limited Edition Freelancer is thus the latest weapon in the fight against cancer. This beautiful piece will be limited to a production run of just 34 (the number of years since the company’s founding). Twenty-five percent of the revenue generated from the sale of the RW Club will go directly to the International Union Against Cancer. For the other aforementioned cancer group, Raymond Weil will also build a limited edition watch. Susan G. Komen for the Cure specialises in finding a cure for breast cancer, which is in fact the most common form of cancer. It is here that some of the greatest good can be done.

If the suffering of millions is to be relieved, it will require the work of governments, non-profits, individuals, and of course, corporations. Individually, the contributions are small, but when entities team up–as they have in the case of Raymond Weil Watches and these two groups–the “cure” becomes much closer.

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