One of a kind for Dior’s Christal Watches

One of a kind for Dior’s Christal Watches

Dior-Christal-Tourbillon-Diamonds-And-Rubies-watchChristian Dior watches, like anything carrying the Dior label, are for those who want the best in design with the best in quality. And a Dior Christal watch is not just a watch, it is a piece of couture.

Should there be any doubt, consider the watch recently unveiled by Dior and designed by John Galliano: The Dior Christal Tourbillon Diamonds and Rubies Watch. At just under £1 million, this watch is not merely a limited edition, it is truly a one-off luxury man’s watch.

You will be forgiven for thinking that this watch is held together by the many baguette-cut diamonds and rubies incorporated into the dial, the bezel and the bracelet. The rubies, 66 in total, are rare Siam rubies from a now closed ruby mine in Thailand. The case, and of course there is a case, is made of white gold.

The glass dial, partly of red tinted glass, allows a view of the movement, a manually wound tourbillon which is typical of the Dior Christal watches.

This one-off Dior Christal Tourbillon Diamonds and Rubies Watch is undeniably and unashamedly luxury for luxury’s sake.

You will not be surprised to learn that this watch has been nominated for an award in this years Geneva Grand Prix d’Horlogerie.

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