Victorinox INOX Watch Review

Victorinox INOX Watch Review

The Victorinox INOX watch collection has been constructed to endure the most extreme and toughest conditions. Continuing to push the boundaries of watchmaking, Victorinox have subjected each of these models to a series of exciting tests including having them driven over by a 64 ton tank, dropped from a stratospheric altitude of 33,000 metres and sunk to 200 metres under water. There are 130 ruthless tests altogether that each model has to pass before being allowed on the wrist.

Victorinox INOX Titanium watch

The Victorinox INOX Titanium watch has been truly pushed to the limits and was subjected to an altitude of 33,000 metres. In the video below you can see the titanium timepiece being attached to a weather balloon and reaching a breathtaking height three times higher than what an airliner would reach.  The titanium finish not only provides an outstanding durability but is also extremely comfortable, hypoallergenic and lightweight.

Victorinox INOX Paracord watch

Some of the Victorinox INOX watch models come on a unique paracord strap that truly epitomises the brand’s values. The paracord strap is not only innovative and completely distinctive but it boasts an impressive resilience thanks to the material. The nylon cord was originally used for parachute suspension lines that met the strict standards of the American army and when individually unravelled the cord can be used to craft a fishing net, replace a shoelace or create a bow drill for making a fire.

Victorinox INOX Stainless Steel watch

For the more sophisticated look, Victorinox have released the INOX model on a stainless steel bracelet, and yet, this is no ordinary steel. This bracelet has been tested to endure up to 500,000 vibration cycles which is ten times more effective that a standard bracelet. The steel also features a unique mechanical tolerance to a 10 metre fall on a concrete surface and a hydraulic pressure of 8 tons, an impressive feat that was proved when driving a 64 ton tank over it.

Victorinox INOX Leather watch

A particular favourite with myself, the Victorinox INOX watch with a leather strap provides a truly striking finish with a quality resistance. The type of leather used is so durable that it can withstand acidic substances, water, salt spray and even fire. Understandably the tough leather was originally used to make firemen’s boots but now provides us with a material completely resistant to the most extreme wear. The aesthetic of the leather is also stunning and showcases a vintage, casual finish.

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