TAG Heuer announces the first Smartwatch for Android!

TAG Heuer announces the first Smartwatch for Android!

Signifying a new era of Smartwatch powered by Android wear and Intel technology – TAG Heuer hit Basel World with an exciting announcement this week. There is a growing appetite for Smartwatch technology today, striking a positive chord with mainstream consumers. Breitling have just released the new B55  connected Smartwatch. But in an age where Swiss brands must look to differentiate from one another, they must also compete for the same approval from their enthusiasts. Collaboration between Intel, Google and TAG Heuer was announced yesterday afternoon at Baselworld Switzerland, sparking much anticipation back at home. CEO of TAG Heuer and president of the LVMH watch division Jean-Claude Biver was joined on stage by Corporate vice president and general manager of Intel’s New Devices group, Michael Bell together with Android Wear engineer, David Singleton.

The companies aim to culminate a sense of luxury together with a seamless connection to daily life. Jean-Claude Biver expresses his enthusiasm for the call for this new direction in watch technology: “Swiss watchmaking and Silicon Valley is a marriage of technological innovation with watchmaking credibility. Our collaboration provides a rich host of synergies, forming a win-win partnership, and the potential for our three companies is enormous”. David Singleton shares the passion for the collective approach by adding that the concept will “…bring a unique blend of emotion and innovation to the luxury market”. The everyday person will soon be able to enjoy and experience the practicality and style of a watch that ultimately provides better value and utility. Simultaneously TAG Heuer also aspires to deliver supreme timepieces, established from classic designs.

Android Wear is considered a major player in the Smartwatch world next to Apple Watch technology. Google’s Android wear promises to be infinitely longer lasting and superior to any alternative operating system software produced by a Swiss watch brand or third party company. Pair this with the implementation of Intel’s high quality chip, the alliance seems a natural progression towards achieving perfection via an ultimate partnership between design and technology. Fundamentally the team strives to reach their purpose by fulfilling a desire pursued by watch enthusiasts in all four corners of the world – to own a distinctive, more beautiful and smarter watch. Technology of this kind is expected to have a significant impact on the world of watchmaking over the next few years and TAG Heuer seems to have prematurely predicted this. The new innovation allows wearers to utilize a Smartwatch device through the Android platform, whilst enjoying the supreme mechanical construction of a luxury watch. The concept of bringing conventional design to a piece of technology whilst staying current to the demand for a quirky novelty sees TAG Heuer moving in a very promising direction, allowing the  Smartwatch industry to learn about the traditional watch industry and vice versa.

More information on the TAG Heuer Smartwatch for Android is due to be released here soon.

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