Exploring Mikimoto Jewellery

Exploring Mikimoto Jewellery

The original curator of the cultured pearl, Mikimoto has remained at the forefront of luxury pearl jewellery design since its founding in 1893. From brides looking for their dream wedding jewellery to elegant ladies of business, women across the globe are instantly captivated by the mesmerising iridescence and superior quality of each Mikimoto pearl necklace, bracelet or earring.

Mikimoto jewellery was born out of a passion for pearls. Kokichi Mikimoto, the eldest son of a noodle-shop owner who lived in the Japanese town of Toba, became increasingly concerned about the extinction of Ise pearls and the pearl producing oysters in his town that had become incredibly scarce due to over-harvesting. In an attempt to prevent their extinction, Mikimoto decided to grow his own pearls in oyster beds on Ojima Island.

After several years of experimentation, Mikimoto realised that the Akoya oyster produced the best pearls and that by introducing a particle into the flesh of an oyster, it encouraged secretions of nacre, an organic-inorganic composite material which builds up to create a pearl’s lustrous finish. Then on July 11, 1893, Mikimoto discovered within the folds of an oyster the very first cultivated pearl that was as worthy as a natural one.

From then on, Mikimoto used his cultivated pearls to create breathtaking collections of pearl jewellery. He has become a world leader in design and innovation, becoming synonymous with superior quality at every stage. The current Mikimoto jewellery collections include: Morning Dew, World of Creativity, Les Petales Place Vendome, Les Petales de Ginza, Fortune Leaves, Pearls in Motion, Bubble, Dancing Leaves, Clover and M Collection. They also feature incredible selections of black south sea pearl jewellery, golden south sea pearl jewellery, white south sea pearl jewellery and Akoya pearl jewellery.

We find ourselves particularly entranced by the Mikimoto Pearls in Motion jewellery. This stunning collection of luxury pearl jewellery can be worn in an infinite number of ways with long chain necklaces that can be wrapped multiple times around the neck or left long and free to flow down your chest. For the quality of design and the precious Akoya pearls, Mikimoto Pearls in Motion jewellery is surprisingly affordable especially when you take into the account the stunning diamond set rondels that are found on many of the pieces.

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