A Space-walk for Seiko Ananta Watches

A Space-walk for Seiko Ananta Watches

seiko-ananta-watchesThe inspiration behind the Seiko Ananta watches lies in the ancient art of Japanese sword-making. The Katana sword is not only admired for its effectiveness as a weapon, it is also highly prized for its artistry and beauty. These are the qualities that Seiko have brought to bare in their Ananta collection of luxury Spring Drive or Automatic timepieces.

The Spring Drive is a luxury watch mechanism with a regulator that generates nearly no friction. The unique glide motion enables the second hand to move smoothly around the dial, precisely and silently – without the classic ‘tick’. ensure a timepiece with greater accuracy and increased longevity; an accuracy that can be measured to one second a day.

In September the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk watch that was taken into space by Richard Garriott was auctioned by Antiquorum in New York. Only 6 of these were created for the 12 day Space Mission ‘Soyuz TMA-13’.

The sale of this watch with an extraordinary history exceeded both the reserve and the estimate prices, realising USD 45,600. Seiko has donated these proceeds to two of Richard Garriott’s chosen charities: the Nature Conservancy and the Challenger Center for Space Science Education.

But the Spring Drive Spacewalk story does not end there. Early in 2010 Seiko will release a commemorative edition limited to 100 pieces. Richard Garriott’s intention has always been that the watch that SEIKO created for his space adventure should be made available to a wider public as a way of promoting the idea of space-travel and the furtherance of space science. The limited edition commemorative timepiece will turn Garriott’s wish into a reality.

Seiko Ananta watches are available from Jura Watches, London.

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