Fossil Watches for Spring 2010

Fossil Watches for Spring 2010

fossil-watches-2Fossil, founded in 1984, was the first brand in America to bring style and value to watches, thereby transforming the idea of timekeeping from something that was until then simply functional to something that became more chic and stylish; Fossil watches became the new essential accessory for the wrist.

The new models of Fossil watches for spring 2010 are typical timepieces of the brand that is as much a vintage authentic style as it is a creative spirit – an “accessible cool”.

Fossil have just produced two men’s ceramic topring watches: the Silver Ceramic Topring and the Black Ceramic Topring. These watches take their name from the textured ceramic topring in the watches case.

The Silver Ceramic Topring, pictured here to the left, has a case that features the textured ceramic topring that stylishly contrasts with a chronograph dial. This model has a bulky stainless steel bracelet, where as the Black Ceramic Topring has a black bezel and silicone strap for a more sporty feel. The Sliver model is slightly thicker and larger than its Black counter part, and both can be worn for any occasion.

Both men’s and women’s Fossil watches are available from The Watch department, authorised dealers of this avante-garde brand. And each watch comes in its own one-of-a-kind, trademark collectible tins.

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