The Beauty Behind The Meistersinger Salthora Jumping Hour Watch

The Beauty Behind The Meistersinger Salthora Jumping Hour Watch

The new Meistersinger Salthora Jumping Hour Watch has been welcomed as a breath of fresh air among the many remarkable creations courtesy of the German experts. Just when we think that Meistersinger have achieved their ultimate pinnacle in terms of innovation and uniqueness, they welcome a new member of the pedigree line known as the Salthora. The timepiece demonstrates a new aesthetical layout to the dial where time is represented by the minute rather than the hour. It also does exactly as it says on the tin – it jumps on the hour! Considering that singlehanded time reading is considered a less precise time keeping concept, the Meistersinger Salthora Jumping Hour watch becomes as accurate as the movement itself allows it to be.

meist jumping hand 1Without impacting on the smoothness or even the accuracy of the movement, the newly developed module which houses the Selita SW 200-1 movement “snaps” into place, with an audible click to allow the wearer to enjoy the experience through stimulation of an additional sense. The Meistersinger Salthora Jumping Hour has been welcomed with extremely eager wrists and comes as a refreshing revolution – a stroke of magic even! Layering in another level of wizadry, the audible click stimulated when the hour jumps, is a prompt that a new hour has been reached without the need for the wearer to even reference the dial visually. So how does the Jumping Hour work?

To understand how the jumping hour literally “jumps” into action, it is firstly necessary to build up a picture of the internal structure of the timepiece. The Meistersinger Salthora Jumping Hour watch is composed of a number of intricate components which rely on communication among eachother to complete their roles. In order for energy to rotate the disk which in turn causes the jumping hour to jump, it must be accumulated and stored up. A 12 pointed star hour wheel is positioned centrally which springs by the help of an actuating lever after 60 minutes. Various other constituents help to keep the mechanism accurate such as the position spring, fixed to a long arm which acts as a regulator by keeping the hour wheel from making any abrupt movements. A swan neck construction serves to maintain the correct amount of pressure on the actuating lever, whilst a sensing device underneath the lever is equipped with the spring that creates the jumping movement itself.

top 5 green 6Whilst it seems that Meistersinger watches are gradually departing from the more classical cream and white vintage dial designs, their playful use of vibrant colour opens new doors into their technological scope but also appeals to a wider audience. With fitting styles for both the sophisticated gentleman and the intelligent young graduate, the designs achieve the perfect balance between bold and moderately humble. For those who love the use of the single hand design, this newly developed module easily becomes the perfect aspirational watch purchase for many in search of a timepiece to commemorate a life event or memorable occasion. The Salthora’s design avoids flashiness allowing for the inner beauty of the watch’s mechanism to reside within the internal workings of the great masterpiece. For those who are new to Meistersinger, the timepiece, like many others created by the small German brand, begs to be loved and will in no time at all, begin to provoke a deep interest in the extraordinary Meistersinger universe. For those who are long established friends of the Meistersinger generation, the idea of vintage speaks to those with a natural affinity to the stealthy German breed  and this is simply because their designs are centred on such concepts. Clasping to very firm roots in traditional craftsmanship, the Meistersinger experience has evolved to keep in line with current trends, yet never loses sight of the importance of its proud heritage.

meist jumping hour 3The Meistersinger Salthora is also the perfect companion for those with slightly more lithe wrists and a preference for simple design schemes. The timepiece boasts properly implemented complications and more importantly – a colourful background and a love of his
tory. Never before has a niche, luxury watch brand been able to expand the wearer’s appreciation for mechanical mastery in quite the same way as Meistersinger does. As there is no royal road to horology, Meistersinger watches allow the wearer to grow their knowledge simultaneously as the Salthora ages. If single handed time reading is an entirely new concept for you, then wearing a Meistersinger instrument for as little as a few hours will certainly break you into a more relaxed way of life where one hand is all that you need to provide you with the time of day, yet distracts from the regimented timekeeping that restricts the human race from enjoying the precious moments in life. A few hours with the Meistersinger Salthora Jumping hour watch will provide you with as much enjoyment as a thousand hours in a vintage watch museum would do, and this is because their unique designs blend both traditional skill and tomorrow’s artistry into one small, simple capsule of pleasure.

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