How Often Does My Watch Need Servicing?

How Often Does My Watch Need Servicing?

Just like any high-performing motor, a watch requires a service every so often to ensure its accuracy and condition is maintained. Most luxury watches are designed to last a lifetime, and this is often reflected in its price, but you wouldn’t buy a six-figure car and not expect to have it serviced. The same goes for watches.

Watches are subject to plenty of stresses throughout the day from magnetisation, bumps and scratches to contact with water and sweat. When a watch encounters these pressures repeatedly over the years, they eventually add up and cause injury to your watch. It is these kinds of damages that can be incredibly expensive, so by having your watch serviced regularly, you can keep on top of them and help ensure it lasts a lifetime.

How often you need your watch servicing will depend greatly on what type of watch you have, how often you wear it and how well it is stored when it is off your wrist.

How Often Does My Quartz Watch Need Servicing?

Quartz watches are some of the easiest and cheapest to maintain, mainly because the components inside are much less complicated than a mechanical watch. Quartz watches are also known to keep almost perfect time, so it is easier to know when it get it serviced.

If your quartz watch begins to lose time or its battery expires, have the battery replaced and ask for the inside of the case to be cleaned out. You can then be sure that your quartz watch is being maintained properly.

Some more expensive quartz watches may require their gear train lubricated every 8-10 years. We recommend asking your local jeweller when you next have your quartz watch battery replaced for advice on this.

How Often Does My Mechanical Watch Need Servicing?

Mechanical watches are a little more complicated when it comes to knowing when to service them, but the general rule of thumb is every 3-5 years.

If you are someone who wears their mechanical watch regularly but sensibly, ensures it is wound and stores it in a protective case when it is off the wrist, then you are more likely to be able to wait the full 5 years. However, if you only wear your mechanical watch occasionally and it tends to sit on the side encountering dust, you may want to consider servicing it every 2-3 years. This is also the case if you are someone who wears their watch regularly for sport since sudden movements, knocks and frequent water contact will take their toll,

Of course, this is only a general rule of thumb, and there are several other factors that can cause your watch to need a service sooner. If there is evidence of moisture in your watch, serious signs of damage or just an indication that your watch isn’t acting as it should, then we highly recommending getting your watch serviced as soon as possible.

Where Should I Get My Watch Serviced?

If you think your watch is ready to be serviced, then picking the right jeweller is the next step. There are plenty of highly skilled watch technicians in the country and you can also send your watch direct to the manufacturer – however this can often have a long wait time. Instead, we highly recommend taking your watch to your local C W Sellors jewellers.

C W Sellors offers a comprehensive and competitive watch service with technicians based onsite so they can answer any questions you have. All their technicians are fully qualified and their services range from everything from a full service, case or strap refurbishment, replacement watch strap or simple battery replacement. Find your nearest C W Sellors store here.

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