The Classic Pilot’s Chronograph from Sinn

The Classic Pilot’s Chronograph from Sinn

103-Ti-DIAPALAnother one of the five watches just released by the Frankfurt based watchmaker Sinn is the 103 Model series, the classic Pilot’s Chronograph. The 103 Models are, in keeping with Sinn’s history, designed to give that distinctive cockpit feel. The first timepieces produced by Sinn were in fact mechanical aviation clocks made specifically for professional use.

Since those early days a number of patented technologies have been developed, and now they form an integral part of the 103 series.

One of these technologies is a lubricant-free escapement. In the making of their great watches, Sinn use a special combination of materials that produce no friction and do not even require lubrication. This has a measurable advantage of producing movements that deliver long-term accuracy.

The movement is then embedded in an environment that is almost completely dry. This feature prevents the crystal face from fogging when the watch is suddenly subjected to extreme cold temperatures. It has the added benefit of preventing aging thus ensuring accuracy and functionality for a much longer period of time.

Along with a number of other features pilots will particularly appreciate, these watches are resistant to low pressures typical of flying altitudes.

So, if it is a classic, traditional pilot’s chronograph with the latest technology Sinn watches has to offer you are after, look no further!

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