Maurice Lacroix’s Masterpiece Regulateur Roue Carree

Maurice Lacroix’s Masterpiece Regulateur Roue Carree

Maurice Lacroix have just unveiled a world first at the Baselworld 2010 expo. Their 'Masterpiece Régulateur Roue Carrée' uses a square wheel to indicate the hours. Maurice Lacroix have just unveiled at Baselworld 2010 a rather interesting World first in the history of watch-making. The uniqueness of their new Masterpiece Régulateur Roue Carrée lies in a square wheel that indicates the hours of the day. With this feature this watch takes Maurice Lacroix into the third millennium, with a decidedly futuristic combination of technology, innovation and modern aesthetics.

The timepiece has a central minutes hand, a small seconds sub-dial at six o’clock and a power-reserve display at three o’clock. But it is definitely the square wheel with geometric openwork at the top of the dial that commands attention. This square wheel is driven by cloverleaf shaped wheel, ensuring regular and reliable rotation. A raised corner that is highlighted with a Superluminova enhanced indicator that points to engraved numbers, also enhanced by Superluminova, indicates the hour of the day.

Anyone with more than a basic understanding of physics will probably know that gear profiles of non-circular wheels cannot be regular, and are therefore not the most reliable for telling the time. The main problem lay in defining the shape of the teeth of the two wheels to ensure constant power transmission through the gear. After numerous simulations, including with 10:1 scale models, the angles and profiles of the teeth now engage each other perfectly, meshing curve on matching curve so as to transfer power with the same precision as the circular counterparts in all other watches.

The 43 mm steel case has a black gold rim with alternating polished and matt finishes to emphasise the various features on the dial. This new men’s watch looks as sophisticated as it is innovative.

Maurice Lacroix’s Masterpiece Régulateur Roue Carrée was designed by watchmaker engineer, Michel Vermot.

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