Three New Models from B.R.M.

Three New Models from B.R.M.

Bernard Richards Manufacture, B.R.M. – a luxury watch manufacturer near the French capital of Paris, has just released details of three exciting new models. These new watches remain faithful to the contemporary, ‘racing spirit’ image of B.R.M., and will appeal to like-minded motor racing fans.

Photographed left is one of the three new watches. This is the MRT-48; the other two, the V5-25 and the V11-41, are still in production. So be sure to keep following this blog for news and photographs of their release.

Like all B.R.M. watches, the latest editions to the line-up will be produced in small series – B.R.M. watches are ever mass produced. Each and every one is hand produced, and so, as their publicity says, each watch is unique.

The new V5 and V11 watches have been modelled on the existing V7 and V12 models respectively, but they will both be noticeably bigger than their antecedents.

Each watch has a titanium, piston shaped case, with separate, hand made lugs that are individually applied. The dials are white, black or brushed, with race numbers. The hands are extra light, in white or red – and even these maintain the B.R.M. racing spirit. The dials are protected to the front by a crystal sapphire, as is the movement to the back.

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