Oris – A Veteran’s Day Tribute

Oris – A Veteran’s Day Tribute

If you’re part of an elite helicopter regiment about to jump from the chopper, what kind of watch would you like on your wrist? Assume that you’re going to bang it up against the side and land on it when you hit the ground. Wouldn’t you want it to be as tough as the body armour you’re wearing?

Well, with the Oris RHFS Limited Edition timepiece, all that’s included–standard. It’s actually quite encouraging to see this recent trend develop among watch manufacturers. The idea of honouring specific military units with their own timepieces is not only an untapped niche, but also serves a commemorative purpose. Veterans might appreciate the ability to purchase a watch specially designed to call attention to their unit.

Though the regiment of Special Forces helicopter troops that the Oris watch honours isn’t particularly well-known, the idea is an excellent one. Can you imagine if the company were to take that approach in the United States and feature the 101st Airborne or some other legendary unit? The demand would be tremendous, especially if the watch were affordably priced. Perhaps the names of individual soldiers could even be inscribed on the pieces.

Especially with the increase in the number of American veterans due to the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Oris could find itself with a burgeoning opportunity. Additionally, Veteran’s Day just occurred in the United States. Americans are extremely conscious of the sacrifices made by the country’s soldiers, and a personalised gift along the lines we’re considering would be treasured.

Combined with Oris’ penchant for creating lasting, combat-ready watches, the idea could go far. Soldiers currently in war zones might even hop on board, providing a chance for the company to lend its own type of aid to the efforts. It’s a development that could work for everybody, and that’s something worth seriously considering.

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