In-depth Review of 2022 TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre Smartwatch

TAG Heuer’s famous Swiss-made smartwatch is launched into its next generation, boasting an improved battery life, new watch faces, sports apps and a more elegant case design. Meet the new TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre collection.

Luxury watch brand TAG Heuer have been a pioneer of smartwatches ever since 2015 when they launched their first TAG Heuer Connected watch. The designs, which take inspiration from the legendary TAG Heuer Carrera, build on the brand’s long-standing heritage in the sporting world with sporty integrated case and straps, touchscreen displays and a host of fitness apps for the avid athlete. Just last year, TAG Heuer updated the collection with several 45mm models equipped with new swimming and wellbeing apps and detailed sports features. Now, combining these technologies with two re-designed case designs in 42mm and 45mm is the TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre watch.

‘‘With these two new, very different Connected watches, we hope to bring a new generation of TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 to a wider range of customers, becoming a companion in their daily lives: from business to sport activities to the most elegant dinners. Since 2015, TAG Heuer has been a pioneer in the luxury connected watch sector. The development of these new watches highlight how Connected has become a pillar of TAG Heuer, alongside Aquaracer and Carrera, building on 160 years of Swiss watchmaking experience.” – Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer

Case Size

Appealing to those with smaller wrists, the new TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre is now available in two sizes, 45mm and a new 42mm. The 42mm version is arguably the more elegant of the two sitting more unassuming on the wrist with a thin height, ergonomic steel pushers, thin bracelet and several references fitted with a fully-integrated stainless steel bracelet. The cases are engineered from polished and fine-brushed stainless steel and equipped with domed sapphire crystal glass, steel push buttons at 2 and 4 o’clock and a water resistant rating of 50 metres.

As for the 45mm TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre watches, the slender architecture is very similar to its smaller counterpart, which differs subtly to previous TAG Heuer Connected smartwatches with a beautifully flowing integrated architecture, a strong ceramic bezel and sloped lugs. These cases are also finished in stainless steel with domed sapphire crystal glass and water resistant ratings of 50 metres. The crown at 3 o’clock also maintains its large diameter to make it easy to adjust settings using only a fingertip.

Straps & Bracelets

To pair with the freshly reinvented cases, the TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre smartwatches also welcome a new variety of straps to choose from. Both the 42mm and 45mm references are available on refined leather straps or integrated H-link stainless steel bracelets as well as a huge range of multi-coloured rubber straps. Some of the rubber strap options include black, white, navy, turquoise, yellow, orange and red.

Watch Faces

Lovers of customisation will also appreciate the new selection of watch faces available on the TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre watch. There’s still all the classics including the original Carrera Chronograph and the legendary skeletonised face as well as a new ‘Riverside’ watch face which is animated with a quirky futuristic effect to show the time elapsing. We’re also treated to a new ‘Wellness’ watch face which displays information on your exercise directly on the home screen such as your heart rate and the number of steps taken that day.  TAG Heuer have also added new digital features to its watch faces, delivering live information on weather, wellness and calendar. These features are super easy-to-read and pair with additional information panels for stats like activity time, wellness information land a five-hour weather forecast. The Swiss watch manufacturer have also advised that they will be adding even more Connected watch faces to the app store throughout the year.

Sports Features

As always, the new 2022 TAG Heuer Connected remains a reliable wrist companion for anyone into their sport and fitness. Alongside the original Sports app which includes preloaded features for indoor running, outdoor running, cycling, swimming, golf and walking, the Connected E4 Calibre watches unveil a new guided workout routine feature as well as new fitness information and sports tracking sensors. The guided workouts are perfect for those that like to keep fit without having their smartphone nearby. It gives you access to a programme of exercises with pre-set lengths as well as on-screen prompts and animations. Once your set is done, your watch will vibrate to indicate it’s time to move onto the next one.

Another interesting feature added to the TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre is the altimeter. This works alongside the GPS function to measure your current location and help you track your outdoor activities more accurately whether than be an outdoor run or cycle. It also pairs perfectly with the host of other sensors like the accelerometer, heart rate monitor and compass to give you in-depth stats on your overall performance.

Connected E4 Calibre Charger

A cool new accessory that comes delivered with each new TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre watch is the charging stand. Fitted with integrated magnets to keep your watch in position, the stand not only works as an obvious charger, displaying the percentage of battery life on screen as it fuels the watch, but it also works as an elegant stand to be placed in any room of the house. It can even be used as a nightstand in the bedroom since it lights up subtly in the dark and displays the time.

Battery Life

The 2022 TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre smartwatch continues to trump its predecessors with an improved battery life. For the 45mm models, we’re guaranteed a 30% longer power reserve with a battery life of up to 24 hours even with four hours of using the golf function. The 42mm mode similarly enjoys a full day of battery. Thanks to the new charging stand, both models can also be charged to 100% in less than 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Yet another improvement lies in the display of the TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre watch. The OLED displays offer industry-leading quality and contrast, particularly outdoors, where watch faces, notifications and sport metrics will remain visible even in strong sunlight. For the 45mm TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre watches, the display measures to 1.39 inches and promises a pixel resolution of 454 x 454. In comparison, the smaller 42mm models have a reduced display size of 1.28 inches with a pixel resolution of 416 x 416.

Wear OS by Google

Like before, the new 2022 TAG Heuer Connected watches run on Wear OS by Google, in particular on Wear OS 2 but users will have the option to upgrade to Wear OS 3 at no extra cost when the update becomes available. The operating system is also paired with Bluetooth 5.0 so synchronising data from your watch and phone is faster than ever.

Price & Availability

The new TAG Heuer Connected E4 Calibre watch collection is available to pre-order now on the Jura Watches website here with pieces expected to be ready for delivery mid-March. The collection retails from £1,500. For more information on the series and the interest free finance and free next day delivery available, get in touch with the team by calling 01335 453453 or send us a message at help@jurawatches.co.uk.