Bamford Mayfair Sport Watches Review

Bamford Mayfair Sport Watches Review

For those not familiar with Bamford watches, it’s time for that to change. The unique British watch manufacturer first found fame by taking iconic timepieces from other luxury brands like Rolex, TAG Heuer and Zenith and customising them with grade black titanium coating for a visually stunning, scratch resistant and personalised finish. Now, the brand is taking the plunge and releasing their own range of Bamford watches including the newly released Bamford Mayfair Sport collection. These stunning timepieces continue to showcase iconic customisable designs but with the Bamford name on the front.

Before you can get to know the Bamford brand, you must meet George Bamford, the man behind this unique concept. At a young age, George Bamford became an avid watch collector focusing mainly on rare watches with unique designs. On his eighteenth birthday he was gifted a Rolex Daytona from his parents, but soon realised that several of his friends and family were also wearing the exact same watch. Driven by a desire to rediscover individuality, he applied a DLC coating to the watch and so the Bamford Watch Department was born.

Since its founding, Bamford Watch Department has been working alongside brands like TAG Heuer, Zenith and Bvlgari to provide customers with customisable designs on their favourite luxury watches and as with many manufacturers, while watches were submitted for in-house servicing, customers were provided with a temporary ‘service’ watch. However, what George Bamford found was that many clients were becoming besotted with the service watches and asked to purchase them. This was when he knew it was time to take the step and begin manufacturing his own range of Bamford watches.

Taking the design of the service watch and redefining it for greater, everyday use, George Bamford created the very first range of Bamford Mayfair watches. Two collections later and we are now greeted with the stunning and colourful range of Bamford Mayfair Sport watches. Retailing at a much more affordable price than their luxury counterparts, Bamford Mayfair Sport watches retail at only £350, an astonishing price for a timepiece with a Japanese movement and a customisable design.

The 100 metre water resistant cases measure to 40mm in size and 15mm in thickness and come fitted with a rotating bezel. The cases are crafted from high impact polymer built around a durable steel core and fitted with sporty rubber straps with a unique wickerway function to match the colour of the case. Hidden within is the Miyota quartz calibre 2035 which equips the Superluminova detailed dial with hour, minute and seconds function.

As you’d expect from anything Bamford, the Mayfair Sport watches are customisable and come in a variety of colours including green, orange, light blue, dark blue, red, white and yellow. In addition, you can engrave the case back of the watch with your own personalized text up to 10 characters. If you like the sound of the Bamford Mayfair Sport watches or you would like to learn more about their customisable collections, head over to

Specifications: Bamford Mayfair Sport Watches

  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Case Material: Stainless steel with polymer coating
  • Bezel: Bidirectional with wickerway function
  • Dial: Available in a range of colours with Superluminova hands and indices
  • Case Back: Closed with room for engraving
  • Water Resistance: 100 metres
  • Movement: Miyota Quartz 2035
  • Functions: Hour, minute, seconds
  • Strap: Rubber
  • RRP: £350

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