Introducing the brand new MeisterSinger Adhaesio Collection: Basel 2015 Release!

Introducing the brand new MeisterSinger Adhaesio Collection: Basel 2015 Release!

General feedback on MeisterSinger’s latest releases at Baselworld 2015 have, like always been shrouded in positivity. We find that watch lovers, no matter which sphere of the collectable world they float in; whether they be searching for the latest sporty TAG Heuer Aquaracer or looking for a bold U-Boat statement piece, even a classical looking Bremont Chronometer; the large majority find it difficult to avoid spending a few moments to indulge in the company of a MeisterSinger watch. The timepieces are hugely admired for their delicate design work, that vintage-inspired dial on a beautifully proportioned face.


Over the years the German-based brand has incorporated a number of complications into their dials. adhaesio 1The jumping hour, the date window, even a second time zone, but we cannot escape the uniquely captivating MeisterSinger watermark; the single hand. The concept behind the brand’s drive to deliver something distinct to its worldwide appreciators, revolves around a relaxed simplicity. When I looked at a MeisterSinger watch for the first time, I can’t say that the single hand was instantly noticeable. The integration of such a unique notion has naturally evolved with the company since its birth, thus sinking into its organic identity with ease. After a few hours of reading time off the delightful contours of its face, the need for accuracy dissolves away, leaving a relaxed clarity hard to come by with any other watch alike. More to the point; why do we need to know the precise time anyway? In an ever-evolving world where busy lifestyles lead us to assume the spare minutes of the day that we get to relax, rather than embrace them, the need to hone into time so much that we articulate our every move, if anything – accelerates it! Furthermore when we reference our watches whilst on our way to a scheduled arrangement may that be an interview, a meeting or a doctor’s appointment, – all we do is round the time up or down, so it seems that MeisterSinger have indeed invented the perfect accessory to do just that. What initially feels like an exciting new way to read the time, soon reincarnates itself into a convenient enjoyment with a MeisterSinger instrument, especially the new Adhaesio. The first feature that we notice about the new and innovative mechanical Adhaesio watch is that it shares one characteristic in particular with its sister; the Perigraph. Not only the same hand, dial and font selections but a rotating disc recessed into the perimeters of the inner dial. The scale is decorated in either black, red or blue adhaesio 2hues depending on a personal preference and is indicated by a neat and unimposing triangle at the 12 o’clock mark. A remarkable feature in reference to this resource is that it is fully exposed rather than displayed within a small window box at say, the 3 or 6 o’clock index. The result is undeniably eye catching. Another smaller ring of data is positioned inside the date disc; this being the second time zone facility. A small house, indicating “home time” highlights this appropriately. The powerful self winding movement ETA 2893 becomes the beating heart of the timepiece, fuelled by a 38 hour power reserve. The MeisterSinger Adhaesio is 43mm wide – a broad watch in comparison to the brand’s usual tendencies to stick to slighter dimensions, however with that said, its size remains inoffensive. The stainless steel model comes with a stunning black or brown leather strap stamped with alligator scales and a robust glass sapphire caseback finished with blued screws and circular graining.


The MesiterSinger Ahaesio priced at a wonderful £2225.00 is the first Swiss crafted mechanical watch designed by the German brand to feature a second timezone – a winning factor alone without the added blessing of its elegant-laced presence and technological capability.


More information on the MeisterSinger Adhaesio can be found here.


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