The Sinn EZM 7 S: A Firefighter’s Companion

The Sinn EZM 7 S: A Firefighter’s Companion

If we asked 100 fire fighters which watch they wear on a day-to-day basis I think we would be quite astounded at the number of those whose response implies that they opt for a standard fashionable lower-end piece; more than likely made from inexpensive materials, battery operated, a poorly visible display screen and a rather ghastly sight to look at. We would however, have to challenge them further by asking them why they would be determined by an economy “make-do” piece, when their profession is deserving of a much more sophisticated identity? I would expect many feel that by wearing a “cheap and cheerful” watch, they avoid the risk of losing a valuable investment should it become damaged during an emergency. Maybe many are not aware of Sinn’s expertly pioneered and highly functional mechanical watches, uniquely crafted with supreme materials to develop the toughest, most robust of watches. The EZM 7 S Limited Editions are inspirationally designed to specifically assist professionals within the fire department.ezm 1

The heroic image of a fire fighter stood in front of a blaze of burning buildings is not an illusion – it is a harsh reality, an everyday occurrence, so finding the right piece of equipment to aid efficiency and professionalism can easily change the working dynamics for a fire fighter and their important role. The EZM F S Limited Editions are a unique collection derivative of the EZM 7 range. The German brand values their reasonably priced and overly engineered masterpieces as the perfect companion for a fire fighter when faced with life threatening conditions. The model is wholly hardcore through-and-through yet its bold dimensions are wrist friendly. Amongst a number of additional appealing features such as the GMT facility, antimagnetic protection and a captive key operation bezel with minute ratcheting (which allows the tool to be accessed whilst wearing gloves), it is still possible to become further awestricken once we look at why the watch has been so perfectly adapted to fit a fire fighter’s role. The developments first got under way when Sinn were approached by Chief Inspector Tomas Stanke who communicated the need for a device for his fellow workmen and also those back at head quarters, responsible for role allocation and emergency planning. The watch is highly visible thanks to its vibrant injection of colour through the cleverly colour coded bezel scale and dial, assisting lucidity through respiratory systems worn whilst tackling a fire. A ezm 2tegimented black coating finishes the bead-blasted stainless steel armour of the watch, adding extra protection against the risk of scratching, whilst the underside of the watch is non-tegimented and nickel-free. The German dual time-zone watch has been cleverly manufactured to withstand ridiculous temperatures also! An increase of temperature from a bleak -40°C to a staggering +80°C will see the watch still functioning with perfect composure – a genius built-in homeostatic environment. Not only that, but the timekeeping instrument tolerates other external factors by housing built-in shock absorbing capabilities, and a pressure resistance of up to 20 bar. The mechanical self-winding ETA 2893-2 semi-oscillates 28,800 per hour and bears 21 jewels. Sinn’s decision to position the crown at the left hand side of the timepiece further reinforces easy accessibility and prevents the case digging into the wrist whilst operating fire reducing equipment. There are a number of technologies that Sinn incorporate into their watches to allow for the highest possible results in practicality; however it is those smaller considerations such as the AR-dehumidifying technology (to prevent fogging up of the glass) that really sets the brand’s multi-talented abilities aside from the rest. Not only will the watch be fully appreciated by fire fighting crew, but by anyone who is grateful of Sinn’s radiating beauty and craftsmanship within their every creation; or to put it in simple terms – anyone human. The watch looks ready to use for any situation or event, ensuring that no matter who the 300 lucky owners will be, the watch will certainly not become one of those collectables whose fate is to be sat at the back of a bedroom drawer and appreciated only by the interior of its presentation box.  The EZM 7 S Limited Editions leave noezm 3 engineering stone unturned. The model articulates brightness, adventure and legibility courtesy of its penetrability. The stainless steel bracelet version is an affordable £1960.00 whilst the leather £1730.00 and rubber £1920.00 offer a more casual sporty finish.

Sinn’s ambition is evidence of an endless pursuit of functional art which yearns to be adored on the wrist in every given occasion whether it be in the office, at the gym or firmly locked around the fire fighter’s wrist as it supports a rescued victim of a burning building.

Further information can be found on the Special EZM 7 S Limited Editions here.

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