The New Futuristic Globe Trotter: Breitling Galactic Unitime SkeekT!

The New Futuristic Globe Trotter: Breitling Galactic Unitime SkeekT!

Breitling Watch Company – specialists of technical time readers since 1884, have accomplished new ground breaking developments in Swiss made performance. Since the birth of the world famous watch maker’s success, Breitling have always applied heavy emphasis on quality, reliability and unbeatable resilience and the new 44mm Galactic Unitime SleekT makes no exceptions on any of these objectives.

breitling unitime 1With an ultra resistant tungsten carbide bezel, the latest addition to the prestigious Galactic collection invites globe-trotting enthusiasts to marvel at the timepiece’s exceptional technical breakthroughs. The SleekT hosts a brand new self winding movement, the B35 which is also the first ever release from Breitling (since its debut of the base B01 calibre), which performs in the absence of a chronograph. The Breitling Galactic Unitime SkeekT is an innovative design which has been created with the integration of a revolutionary simple operation, and has been described as a “double revolution”. The focus of the first revolution – the new movement, is centred around an easy-to-use world timer feature. Dial indications including date amendments to local time, are corrected and reset by one simple turn of the crown backwards or forwards. This butter smooth process allows the wearer to not only navigate their way around the timepiece with ease but also introduces a fresh new experience in the enjoyment of such finger touch motions. Adjustments to both the local time and date have been made so effortless that they almost take on the form of a therapeutic escape from the hectic world outside of the timepiece, allowing a sense of time and existence to become irrelevant, thus providing more of an enjoyment than a process. The COSC certified Calibre B35 with reinforced improvements to performance in functionality and reliability, continues in the same direction as the brands aeronautical philosophical advancements, by ensuring that the new set of inventions to the Galactic Unitime SleekT remain unbeatable by any other watch brand of its time. The new timepiece which shares characteristics with the SkeekT design, bears two new patented technologies from Breitling which involve the differential system and also the rotatable ring known as the city disk (which allows the wearer to set the time to that of their current location), as well as two patents for time setting and winding. The second revolution surrounds the innovative design structure to the new hardened and extra-tough protective shell which homes the B35 movement. The 100 meter water resistant Breitling Galactic Unitime watch is created from an ultra resistant and high tech composite material made from tungsten carbide for its bezel. The composition is made from a tungsten powder, moulded at high temperatures and pressures to create a hardness which is five times stronger than stainless steel. The incomparable hardness of the Unitime’s shroud makes for a subtle contrast against the silvered shades of the polished stainless steel case, also renowned for shock absorbent qualities and adapt to resist against scratches and dents encountered on a daily basis. Showcasing a 24 hour disk with highly legible date readings, the dial is available on a choice of either a jet black or brilliant white and is adorned with a filigree-worked globe design – a mesmerizing feature which sets the timepiece apart from any other Breitling masterpiece. Reinforced visibility for time reading is supported by a chunky set of oversized stainless steel hour and minute batons, accompanied by a needle fine seconds hand and red hue to the dial’s periphery which identifies 24 world cities. A set of baton style indexes to represent the 12 hour marks, embellish the outer ring of the central dial, enhanced with by a luminescent coating to aid legibility through the night or during low light conditions. Mounted by a screw-locked down crown and encased within a domed sapphire crystal glass which has been treated with anti glare and scratch resistant properties, the Breitling Galactic unitime SleekT has been designed to withstand a number of external pressures yet reaches a desirable aesthetic nature effortlessly.

Keeping in trend with Breitlings watch manufacturing ethos in providing “Instruments for professionals”, the Galactic Unitime SleekT, with unprecedented friendliness and ultra resilience, has clearly taken not only accuracy into account, but a versatility with an adaptable nature to any situation or event. Offering 70 hours of power reserve, the new time reader is outfitted with a stunning stainless steel bracelet and moulds to the wearers wrist promoting ultimate practicality, enveloped within an ultra-futuristic design.

More information on the Breitling Galactic Unitime SleekT watch is soon to be released. Please contact us for more information here.

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