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We keep you up to date with the latest watch features on our favourite watch brands. Insights into the manufacture, including the behind the scenes from design to production.

Montblanc Launches NEW Ultra Black Series

Montblanc Watch Features Watch News August 30, 2021 0 Comments

Last year, Swiss luxury goods manufacturer Montblanc launched their “What Moves You, Makes You campaign”, a campaign dedicated to inspiring individuals to express their true potential by doing exactly what moves and motivates them. The promotion continues into 2021 with two new “Mark Makers”, actor Cillian Murphy and DJ Peggy Gou, and a monochromatic selection of leather goods, writing instruments…

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TAG Heuer Launches NEW Connected Super Mario Watch Face

TAG Heuer Watches Watch Features Watch News August 2, 2021 0 Comments
TAG Heuer Watches

We’ve seen plenty of unlikely collaborations in the past but when TAG Heuer announced they were partnering up with Nintendo to launch a special TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario watch, we were surprised to say the least. There’s a child in all of us and there are plenty of luxury watch brands taking advantage of this with clever complications and…

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Longines 2021 Watch Releases

Longines watches Watch Features Watch News June 28, 2021 0 Comments
Longines watches

With a history that spans across two centuries, Longines is one of those Swiss watch brands we always look out for when the season of spring comes around. Like the rest of the luxury watch manufacturers in the world, Longines wasn’t able to attend any formal exhibition in person this year, but instead still managed to amaze with a stunning…

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TAG Heuer 2021 Watch Releases

TAG Heuer Watches Watch Features Watch News June 21, 2021 0 Comments
TAG Heuer Watches

As one of the industry’s biggest brands, we knew TAG Heuer wasn’t going to let the pandemic stop them from creating and innovating. As expected, the year of 2021 has been a big one for the Swiss watch brand with an exciting selection of new releases hitting out wrists. Alongside a series of colourful new TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches…

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