How Smart Watches Can Assist With Detecting Coronavirus

How Smart Watches Can Assist With Detecting Coronavirus

With everything that is going on in the world right now, we are having to take huge responsibility for our health and the health of those around us. But what if monitoring our health could be made easier? With modern day smartwatches equipped with such a vast range of high-tech functions and apps, research suggests that they can actually help us detect when our bodies are unwell.

By tracking a person’s heart rate, skin temperature and other key markers, it’s possible that your smartwatch can predict infections and viruses even before you notice any symptoms yourself. Our heart rate is highly indicative of changes in our body and with so many smartwatches equipped with heart rate monitors, it can make things much easier for us to keep an eye on. Studies suggest that your heart rate will elevate when your body takes on a virus, so by monitoring your resting heart rate and comparing it to previous weeks you may be able to detect illness.

Another fantastic function found in many smartwatches is blood oxygen monitors. This feature is used for displaying your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels and allows you to assess your physical condition and formulate your own fitness goals. Nevertheless, this incredible function could also become incredibly valuable in detecting viruses and other illnesses in the body, particularly when one of the main symptoms of coronavirus is difficulty breathing. For most people, your blood oxygen level will show between 95 and 100 percent when using a Pulse Ox sensor. If you notice these levels drop, it may be a sign you are becoming unwell.

Some smartwatches also have the ability to monitor and measure your skin or body temperature. The feature is usually used by athletes to ensure that they don’t exceed their body temperature and overexert themselves, but smartwatches with temperature monitors can also be valuable in warning us of any changes that we are not expecting including high temperatures from a fever.

Although smartwatches aren’t designed to be used as medical devices and should not be worn with the intent to diagnose or cure a disease, that doesn’t mean they aren’t invaluable tools for monitoring our health. If you would like to explore some fitness and health smartwatches, you can find a huge range on the Jura Watches website here.

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