Sinn’s New Pilot Watch; The Mission Timer With Countdown Bezel And Magnetic Field Protection!

Sinn’s New Pilot Watch; The Mission Timer With Countdown Bezel And Magnetic Field Protection!

Equipped with a new set of plush refinements comes the Sinn EZM 3F in time for Baselworld 2105. Our watch technicians have taken a close look at the new Pilots watch and have marvelled at its clean easy-read dial and crisp bezel markings.

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The latest addition to the EZM series, representing the German name for “Mission Timer” showcases a left sided crown just as the originals did; adapted to serve the police force whilst offering utmost convenience for the law enforcement unit during crucial moments of danger or crisis. The positioning of the crown was established to prevent the watch digging into the wrist when holding a gun, thus the clever masterpieces have been a credible instrument for professional use ever since. Just as the “F” in the title stands for “Flieger”, the “E” could just as easily stand for “Exceptional” – the timepiece is simply encapsulated in quintessential beauty. Sinn have progressed further in their field of expertise in producing faultless, impeccable timepieces whilst at the forefront of their vision, they keep a constant focus on practicality at all times. The 41mm case is filled with Argon to withstand moisture from the outside-in. Discreetly attached to one side of the lug is a copper sulphate capsule acting as a double 3f 2precaution, to overcome any moisture problems on the internal side of the watch should this ever occur. The audacious spirit of the EZM 3F is pronounced within its courageously bold physique made from highly resilient materials promising undeniable loyalty. It has been evident in the new collections launched by the German brand this year, that there are no limits to the accuracy of their skilful innovations and there is no other model more capable of supporting this statement than the Sinn EZM 3F. The countdown ratcheted Pilot’s bezel is a shade darker than the charcoal black dial face, broken up by subtle red accents within the Sinn emblem and the “Ar” symbol which denotes the dehumidifying technology encompassed within many of the brand’s handiwork.

Not only have Sinn thoroughly considered a number of concepts that are overlooked by many rival watch brands today namely the temperature resistance, the anti-fogging feature and a layout that supports greater freedom of movement, but the watch’s blueprint is hugely versatile too. Sinn have acknowledged the unique adaptability of the EZM 3F as being appropriate for an everyday casual timepiece, or smartened up with evening attire, maybe even complimented by the sporty look for outdoor activities. No matter how excited we get at the sight of a new Sinn release with an edgy injection of colour or a busy complication, nothing quite beats the perfect marriage of a black and white dial within a brushed-effect 3f 3stainless steel casing integrated with matching bracelet; you simply cannot go wrong! Sinn devotees are always easy to impress with a pleasantly balanced dial that comprises of traditional baton indices and bold Super-LumiNova filled hour and minute hands; in this case – less is quite understandably more. But if it is one element that the brand never fails to deliver on, it is that reassuring lifetime commitment on dependability. The timekeeping accuracy of each mechanical piece is unmistakably faultless. With infinite precision and a suitable purpose for any event or situation, the Sinn EZM 3F epitomizes functional consistency infused with a strong reputable presence.

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