Georg Jensen return with three new breathtaking Koppel timepieces.

Georg Jensen return with three new breathtaking Koppel timepieces.

gmt 2It is not difficult to acknowledge the natural attractiveness of any Georg Jensen timepiece, their effortless affinity to relaxed and sumptuous styles accentuated by an air of sophistication and an elegant classiness;  but this year at the Baselworld fair 2015, the brand have launched three favourites of ours in particular. The Danish watchmakers describe their timepieces as a representation of quality craftsmanship fused with Scandanavian inspired values. Georg Jensen’s tastes are motivated by the Nordic Lights, the simplicity of life and natural weather elements. After a five year hiatus from Baselworld, they now return with some breathtaking new designs that have been modified to keep in with current trends, yet still remain faithful to their distinctive traits.

grande 1The first that we look at is the Grande Date Annual Calender. Admiringly the watch incorporates clean, contemporary designs with minimal decoration to the face itself whilst still delivering on functionali
ty. The enamel white dial set in 18k gold is an exquisite combination of colour tones and materials which work in perfect harmony together. A double chamber aperture lies beneath the Georg Jensen emblem housing crisp black Arabic numerals for optimum visibility. Another wonderful feature that will be admired by anyone with an eye for detail is that of the extended hour and minute hands which overlap at the centre screw like a pair of swords meeting, continuing their length through to the other side of the centre fixing. Below the date window are two beautifully crafted tools; one small seconds dial, situated South East of the centre and across from this, a semi-circular aperture that covers a rotating wheel. The Arabic numerals that turn on this dial are to signify the 12 months of the year. Each are broken up by a dot for clear definition, further enhanced by a larger dot sitting underneath the wheel to clarify the appropriate month. Collectively, these aspects of the watch provide an unusual way to tell the date and time, in particular the two individual points of reference used to detect the date.

gmt 1 The new GMT power reserve is available in black or white versions, both with sharp clean aesthetics and a relaxed dial. If it is one thing that we can always congratulate Georg Jensen on, it is their decision to steer clear of complicated layouts and busy faces. Recently we have witnessed many a watch maker’s failed attempt to incorporate a refreshing modern design with cutting edge technology, whilst still capturing that all important purity that we all desire; the reason being that to throw a handful of gadgets onto the face often distracts from the pure essence of a traditional piece of timekeeping apparatus. This new model however, manages it with ease, exhibiting a clear power reserve indicator in a prime location, where one would expect to see it – at the top of the watch face, centre positioned and below the 12 o’clock mark – perfect! To complete the symmetrical design,  the 24 hour sub-dial placed just above 6 o’clock, delivers a beautifully balanced finish.small seconds 1

The Mechanical Hand-Wound Small Seconds is a timeless design, encased by a delicate stainless steel trimming. The subtle design embodies an elegant yet highly legible layout whilst referencing mid-century Scandinavian inspired detailing. Small dots paint the positions of the hours around the inside of the bezel, a distinct Georg Jensen feature that cleverly substitutes the typical use of baton or Arabic numerals. The slimline hour and minute hands rescue a relieved white enamel face, to enhance its unpolluted backdrop and svelte, slender frame.

All three new releases deliver on superb precision thanks to their highly capable Soprad-manufactured Swiss ETA movements. Georg Jensen proudly centres their designs around Danish artist Henning Koppel to which they owe their respectable DNA to. Their sensational watchmakers continue to lace their timepieces with an effortless sophistication – a true reflection of Scandanavian beauty.

More information on Georg Jensen collections can be found here.

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