SevenFriday Q Watch Review

SevenFriday Q Watch Review

The SevenFriday Q watches are the latest addition to the brand’s collection and they might be their easiest design to read yet. It is the first range to have a date feature which continues to boast the famous SevenFriday industrial aesthetic remaining below a comfortable price point of £1,220.

It is clear that SevenFriday have an ability to find inspiration in the strangest (and often best) places. Their recent M1/04 Punk watch brought back to life the 70’s era with its studded case and tartan strap and their new SevenFriday Q watches continue on the same path of extraordinary innovativeness.


SevenFriday Q1/01 – £1.160

There are three models in the collection with each measuring to a comfortable 44mm in size and housing the Miyota 8219 movement. Just like the V series, the SevenFriday Q watches will also include an NFC chip which allows the wearer to authenticate the timepiece through the SevenFriday smartphone app.

SevenFriday Q2/01 – £1,190

The SevenFriday Q1/01 watch takes inspiration from the world of music with its crisp polished silver dial layers that echo the vast panels, high tech dials and juxtaposing elements of a recording studio. I think the unusual decentralised 24 hour ring and classic black leather strap would sit quite nicely on the wrist of an engineer or producer. The glistening use of stainless steel in this model is particularly striking and is possibly my favourite from the trio.

SevenFriday Q1/01 – £1,220

The SevenFriday Q2/01 boasts a visual identity that was motivated by vintage steamboats. Its quirky warm copper finish gives a real industrial-like glow while each dial element is coloured to reflect the luxury steamboats used in the 1800s. In particular, SevenFriday have suggested that the Engine Order Telegraph came to mind when designing this watch and this becomes clear when you admire the seconds hand and vintage brown suede calfskin strap.

Last but not least, the SevenFriday Q1/03 watch replicates the fun and adventurous atmosphere of a pit lane, the adrenaline filled spot where race cars rev their engines and are pushed to their limits. SevenFriday played with the juxtaposition of modern and vintage racing equipment used by pit lane garages to style this model and the stunning use of colour seen on the seconds dial truly highlights this.

It’s not an easy feat deciding which one is the favourite but it is clear that the collection as a whole is going to be just as popular as the rest. You can find more information about this collection here.

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