Seiko watches – forty years on

Seiko watches – forty years on

seiko-watchesDecember 2009 is not only an important anniversary for Seiko watches, but it is also the anniversary of a significant milestone in the history of watch-making technology.

On 25 December 1969 the Quartz Astron (pictured left), presented in an 18 carat gold case and limited to 100 pieces, went on sale in Tokyo. The revolutionary quartz watch was launched.

To mark the fortieth anniversary of this launch, a year of celebrations was kicked off at the beginning of December in Tokyo. Appropriately enough Tokyo’s fashionable and trend-setting area, Omotesando, played host to a SEIKO exhibition which opened on 1 December for six days. The SEIKO Power Design Project exhibition showed off Seiko’s forty new quartz watches all inspired by the Quartz Astron. Seiko’s designers have retained the integrity of the original quartz watch, but have added a different contemporary twist, bringing it up to-date for today’s watch collectors and enthusiasts.

Later, in 2010 at the annual Baselworld expo Seiko will release a revolutionary collection of quartz watches. This collection will feature new designs and functionality, and in so doing demonstrate the continued potential of this important innovation in the development of watchmaking technology. Be sure to return for more news about the various celebrations Seiko will be hosting over the next year.

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