Seiko Astron GPS Solar Calibre 5X Watch Review

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Calibre 5X Watch Review

Seiko have unveiled the world’s smallest and thinnest GPS solar timepiece with their brand-new collection of Seiko Astron GPS Solar Calibre 5X watches.

For the past 8 years, Seiko Astron watches have been an easy first choice for global travellers who require quick time zone function and high-tech GPS satellite network. Alongside an all-new thin design, they have released a range of Seiko Astron watches equipped with an entirely new calibre, the Seiko 5X.

The beauty of the new Seiko Astron 5X Calibre is that it is faster and more innovative than ever. Every component of the GPS module has been re-engineered so now all the hands move independently and the time zone function has been improved so that only three seconds are needed for the watch to advance from one time zone to another. Each Seiko Astron GPS Solar Calibre 5X watch is also equipped with automatic adjustment to daylight saving time and a special function which allows the wearer to switch the dial effortlessly between home and local time.

SSH007 – 2,000 piece limited edition

The 5X calibre continues to be powered by light, both natural and artificial and provides dual time with AM/PM indication, a perpetual calendar correct to the year 2100 and high speed time zone adjustment. Like previous Seiko Astron watches, we still get world time zone function in 39 different time zones and a power save function. The 5X calibre also boasts the same accuracy of other Seiko solar powered movements we have seen with +/-15 seconds per month.

There are six Seiko Astron GPS Solar Calibre 5X watches currently available including 5 titanium models and 1 rose gold plated model. There are two size variations as well with four models measuring to 42.9mm in diameter and 12.2mm in thickness and two measuring slightly larger at 43.5mm in diameter and 13.3mm in thickness.

With six slightly varying designs, there is a Seiko Astron GPS Solar Calibre 5X watch for everyone, but we are particularly fond of the rose gold plated SSH006 model and the gorgeous 2,000 piece limited edition SSH007 inspired by the beauty of exploding stars, otherwise known as supernovas. Each of these pieces are impressively detailed with smooth dials, bold hands and Zaratsu polished cases which glisten gorgeously in the light. We are also treated to a brand-new buckle system which allows the wearer to make small adjustments to the strap for when temperature or other elements make the wrist expand or shrink.

For more information on the new Seiko Astron GPS Solar Calibre 5X watches and where to order your own, click here.

Specifications: Seiko Astron GPS Solar Calibre 5X Watches

  • Case Size: 42.9mm x 12.2mm (SSH001/003/006/007), 43.5mm x 13.3mm (SSH009/011)
  • Cast Material: Titanium (SSH001/003/007/009/011), Titanium with rose gold color coating (SSH006)
  • Bezel: Ceramic (SSH001/003/006/007), Sapphire crystal and ceramic (SSH009/011)
  • Glass: Sapphire crystal with super-clear coating
  • Case Back: Screw down
  • Water Resistance: 100 metres
  • Magnetic Resistance: 4,800 A/m
  • Movement: Calibre 5X53
  • Functions: GPS controlled time and time zone adjustment, Dual-Time with AM/PM indication, Perpetual calendar correct to the year 2100, Automatic DST adjustment function, High speed time zone adjustment, Time transfer function, Signal reception result indication, World time function (39 time zones), Power save function,
  • Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds per month
  • Power Reserve: Approximately 6 months once fully charged
  • Strap: Titanium bracelet (SSH001/003), Titanium and ceramic bracelet (SSH007/009/011), Black silicon strap (SSH006)
  • RRP: £1,950 (SSH001, 003, 006), £2,150 (SH007), £2,280 (SSH009, 011)

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