Around the World with a Glycine Watch

Around the World with a Glycine Watch

glycine-watchesThe Odeon in Leicester Square last week hosted the premiere of Tenacity on the Tasman, a film by George Olver. The film tells the story of Olly Hicks who attempted to row single handedly around the world – what was called the Virgin Global Row, sponsored by Virgin and Google.

Also sponsoring Hicks’s attempt was the Swiss watch makers Glycine watches. Olly Hicks is shown to the left on his craft wearing Glycine’s Lagunare 3000.

In December 2008, Olly Hicks, originally from Tasmania, started his journey rowing single handedly around the world. The journey was supposed to be between 18 months and two years. He was to circumnavigate Antarctica at roughly 55 degrees south.

Olly Hicks is no stranger to endurance rowing. By the age of 23 he had become the first person to row solo eastwards across the north Atlantic from New York to the Isles of Scilly. He completed this voyage in 124 days, breaking three records. Olly became the first person to row solo from America to the United Kingdom; the youngest person ever to row an ocean solo; and the longest solo-rowed crossing of the north Atlantic.

Sadly, he did not break any records with his Virgin Global Row. He only lasted a few months. Hicks was forced to abandon his round the world attempt due to technical problems with his boat, the Flying Carrot, pictured below.

Glycine watches are available from Jura Watches, Burlington Gardens in London.

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