Exploring The Technological Capabilities Of Ball Watch Company!

Exploring The Technological Capabilities Of Ball Watch Company!

Self-powered micro gas tubes…. protection against the influence of magnetic fields… in-built mechanical thermometers – just a few of Ball Watch Company‘s patented advances in the world of cutting-edge technology.  Here we look at how far Ball’s complicated universe of mechanical prowess stretches as they take a revolutionary approach to resilience against external factors.

A-Proof® Patented Anti-Magentic System:

With the helpball technology 1 of an ingenious diaphragm mechanism which retracts or extends in order to avoid the restriction of an imprisoned movement, the revealing and enveloping of the part, alternates when necessary to reveal the suspended movement at work through the watch’s remarkable exhibition caseback. A magnetic trench box which sits inside the watch case is composed of mumetal – an alloy of copper, iron and nickel to deviate and attract the frequency of surrounding magnetic fields.

Night Reading Vision:ball technology 2

Ball’s self-powered micro gas tubes are the cream of the crop when it comes to aiding legibility during compromised lighting conditions. With a brightness superior to any other rival company’s luminescent paint, the gas tubes filled with H3 offer brightness x 100 and a lifespan stretching 25 years! The interior walls of the tubes are coated with luminescent material which diffuses a cold light when the tritium emitted electrons are released. The small vessels are then hand applied to hour and minute indices as well as baton style hour indexes, to create a breathtaking expression of incandescent beauty.

Crown Protection System:

The constructball technology 3ion of high-quality materials comes first and foremost in Ball Watch Company’s work ethics and one perfect example of this moral principle is their water and shock resistant patented crown protection system. Seen within the Spacemaster Black (supplier model number DM2176A-P1CAJ-BK), a protective plate positioned around the crown, ensures that the crown must return to its original position, in order for time adjustment to be set. The durable screw-in position prevents the risk of water seeping into the watch case whilst simultaneously encouraging ultimate functionality.

The Slide Chronograph:ball technology 4

The Engineer Master II Slide Chronograph (supplier model number: CM3888D-S1J-BK) priced at £2470.00, hosts an innovative circular slide bar which is fitted around the movement of the watch to allow a one-finger glide to access the chronograph functions. The novelty function makes the mechanical timepiece a pleasurable one to play around with, allowing the wearer to enjoy a new dimension of control. A clockwise motion allows for the chronograph to be started and stopped, whilst an anti clock wise motion resets the chronograph to its original position.

Patented Helium Release Valve:

This ergonomic dball technology 5evelopment allow for gases to escape from the watch when the wearer is resurfacing from imposing water depths. The creation prevents the dial and remainder of the watch surface from warping with pressure associated with the gases created from deep sea activity. Water resistance is also improved whilst ensuring that irreparable damage to the watch is avoided at all measures. The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Nedu watch (supplier model number DC3026A-PC-BK( price point £3220.00, exercises these profound capabilities whilst exuding a sophisticated edge to its aesthetic.

Cold Temperature Endurance:

Ball’s robust masterpieces are built with the pressures of extremely testing conditions in mind. A special blend of oils used within the Engineer Hydrocarbon range are fortified with the strength to maintain a homeostatic condition inside the internal structure of the watch which protects from lows of -40°C to +60°C. The unique lubricant recipe not only reduces the friction between contact surfaces of different compositions but also preserves accuracy.

No matter which characteristic we value the most out of Ball Watch’s exquisite collection – we can rest assured that our dependable partner will be built to protect us against the most challenging of environments.

The entirety of Ball Watch Company’s collection can be explored here.

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