Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch Review

Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch Review

Following on from the success of their Summit 2 smartwatch, Montblanc expands its wearable assortment with a sleeker, more streamlined variant nicknamed the Montblanc Summit Lite. Named after its lightweight design, the new series of luxury smartwatches have been carefully engineered for high-performing, always-on-the-move individuals who require only the best in terms of appearance, functionality and performance.

Kitted out with a brand new range of Montblanc proprietary apps including a Cardio Coach, sleep tracker and stress monitor, the Montblanc Summit Lite smartwatch is described as adapting to your activity levels, pushing your further and helping you transform your routine from mundane to stimulating. At a glance, the Summit Lite looks handsome in its design and its retail price of £700 is surprisingly affordable, but does the functionality within keep up? Let’s review the new Montblanc Summit Lite smartwatch collection in more detail, shall we?

With the renewed focus on health, fitness, mindfulness and wellbeing we are witnessing today, our goal was to create a smartwatch that had just the right tools to support its owner throughout the day, in a way that was instinctive and effortless for today’s business lifestyle customer. Named Summit Lite after its lightweight design, it aligns with its wearer’s activities and is built for high performing individuals who are constantly on the move and blend their workout routine with their work routine,” explains Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

Summit 2 vs Summit Lite

Before we dive into the specifics of the Summit Lite, we thought it might first be helpful to explain exactly what some of the key differences are between the original Montblanc Summit and its new, sleeker counterpart. The first Montblanc Summit was released back in 2017 and marked a new change in Montblanc’s identity, revealing an innovative nature and a new passion for modern technology. A year later, the Montblanc Summit 2 was announced described as combining the brand’s love of Swiss watchmaking with the convenience of technology.  

The Montblanc Summit 2 was a huge step up from its predecessor, boasting a wrist based heart rate monitor, a smaller, more compact case size, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS connectivity, more preloaded sports modes, music streaming and Google Pay payment system. Despite its luxury price point, the Summit 2 was a huge hit, and it wasn’t long before the Swiss manufacturer revealed a third generation: the Summit 2+. The Montblanc Summit 2+ is almost identical to the regular Summit 2 besides an 8% larger display, increased battery life, an integrated speaker, and an outdoor toolbox app. On its release, the Summit 2+ was also the world’s first luxury, LTE-enabled smartwatch powered with Wear OS by Google.

So, what about the new Montblanc Summit Lite? The Summit Lite differs immediately from its precursors for its smaller and more lightweight design. It is also described as having “the full ecosystem of apps and services for Wear OS by Google” and a brand new selection of dedicated apps designed exclusively by Montblanc, (we’ll go into detail about these apps a little later). The Montblanc Summit Lite has also been developed alongside Montblanc’s sustainability goals with two case designs crafted out of recycled aluminum.

Case & Display

The Montblanc Summit Lite is currently available in four variations, two of which are engineered from matte black coated recycled aluminum and two in a matte silver-coloured recycled aluminum. Both designs are then paired with a choice of a sporty black textile or rubber strap. The cases measure to 43mm in diameter, a nice size for almost every wrist, while their slender width and curved lugs give them a comfortable profile that sits neatly against the skin. As for the display, a crisp 1.19“ AMOLED display boasts a 390 x 390 resolution and is protected by scratch resistant Gorilla Cover Glass. Each Montblanc Summit Lite smartwatch also promises a water resistant rating of 50 metres.

Wear OS by Google

As with all Montblanc smartwatches in the Summit collection, the Montblanc Summit Lite is powered by Wear OS by Google. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, the technology uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 and promises a memory of 1GB and a storage of 8GB. Like the Summit 2, the Summit Lite also guarantees Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS connectivity as well as Google Pay and Google Assistant.

Just as you’d expect, the Montblanc Summit Lite ensures you can stay connected on the move with access and alerts to your emails, texts and phone calls as well as the option to download a plethora of additional apps such as storing and playing music or access to Google maps. You can also change the watch face depending on your mood or outfit for the day, block an app from delivering messages, log on to Google Fit, pair with your Bluetooth headphones and access the microphone, barometer and accelerometer and gyroscope with just a simple swipe.  

Health & Fitness Features

In addition to the full Wear OS by Google ecosystem of apps and services and a new updated wrist-based heart rate monitor, Montblanc have developed a range of trademarked apps that they describe as distinguishing the Summit Lite smartwatch to any other on the market. These include Cardio Coach, Body Energy, Sleep Tracker and Stress Tracker.

The Cardio Coach app has been designed to give you personalised workout recommendations based on your current fitness level calculated by your VO2 max. Alongside live coaching advice, the app keeps track of your progress and adjusts according to your development. You can set your own goals and pace within the app and work towards getting the long-lasting results you’ve always wanted. Working alongside that, the Body Energy app tracks your mental and physical exhaustion to show your current energy level. For days when your energy is low, the Montblanc Summit Lite will notify you and suggest a rest day and alternatively on days when you have more energy based on your sleep, activity and stress levels, the smartwatch will influence you to optimise your daily energy use.

Next up, the Montblanc sleep app tracks your sleep when you wear the Montblanc Summit Lite to bed. It will give you a detailed analysis of the length and quality of your sleep as well as how long you found yourself in certain sleep stages. Combining all this data, it will then issue personalised recommendations on how you can improve your sleep quality and thus gain a better daily energy level. Lastly, the Montblanc Summit Lite delivers a new stress app for tracking physical and mental stresses at any given time. The app can give advice on when you might need to slow down, helping you get more clarity over your own body’s responses to stressful events. The app also gives you access to breathing exercises for calming down.

In The Box

On delivery of your Montblanc Summit Lite smartwatch, you’ll receive the luxury wearable in a branded Montblanc box inclusive of a magnetic charging base, a USB cable, Safety Manual, Quick Start guide and your worldwide warranty card of 2 years.

Price & Availability

All four variations of the Montblanc Summit Lite are available to order now at a retail price of £700. In comparison to the Summit 2 collection, the Summit Lite is definitely the more affordable option out of the two and a fantastic choice for those looking for a high-functioning luxury smartwatch. Discover the entire Montblanc Summit Lite watch collection on the Jura Watches website here, now available with interest free finance and free delivery.

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